Challenges Children Face in Today’s Era


Ups and downs, highs and lows are a part of everybody’s life. But when your kid keeps facing these challenges it is important to quickly recognise and address these issues as it might affect the brain development. Lack of motivation from school, poor relationships with teachers or peers, loss of interest in schoolwork, connecting with other kids, low self-confidence and comparisons can hamper the overall progress.

Let us understand all the interventions the kids might face in their early days of life and the tips to help them understand themselves. By making the kids understand the nuances of the problems, we can avoid the negative effects and certainly not exhaust them.

Expanding Learning Abilities: Proper nutrition is vital because your child is constantly learning from his surroundings. A healthy diet full of nutrition which should include irons, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats in equal amount is important. Nutrition might be one important aspect if your child is facing learning abilities.

Lack of Motivation: The main reason behind the lack of motivation is a discouragement. The kid might be putting in efforts but feels like it is not worth it and is easier to pretend that he doesn’t care. To solve the problem of a child’s lack of motivation all he needs is your approval, praise and acceptance.

Low Self-Confidence: Kids who feel good in their own shoes, feels accepted, believes in themselves are usually confident. Nowadays, kids are more self-critical, hard on themselves, think more on the number of times they have failed rather than succeeded, have very low self-confidence and self-esteem. Teach them to look at the positive aspects of everything to increase their self-confidence.

Dealing with Social Pressure: Social pressure exists when a child is growing and parents should always be ready to troubleshoot. During childhood days when the peers try to influence on how to act and do things, it becomes difficult for a child to handle. It is important to teach your young kids to choose friends wisely and make them understand the art of saying no nicely without hampering their friendship.

Comparison: Drawing comparison is a human tendency and it sometimes seems to be irresistible. Parents tend to compare their kids with other kids which might indulge in a mind-set when kids keep comparing themselves with every other individual. However, the comparison isn’t a healthy practice because comparison will hamper a child’s mental growth and damage brain development.

Parents and teachers must understand that their point of view, behaviour towards children may impact the child’s perception of himself. Make your child respect his skills by praising his talents and never burden him with unrealistic expectations.

Brain Development for children is an on-going process. Never hamper a child’s brain by making him face the above challenges. The development of a child’s brain structural design is the foundation for all his future behaviour, learning and health.

Brain Development in young children is a very important topic to discuss and all the parents should be hyper-aware about the factors associated with it. Especially when your child is between the ages of 4-14 years make him indulge in activities like Mental Arithmetic which will boost their morale, increases their problem-solving skills, learning and thinking abilities.

The best remedy is to develop a strong relationship with your child and monitor his progress regularly so you can pick on the problems during its early stage.