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Compress PDF – Reduce PDF Size Online for Free


pdfPortable Document Format has become a popular type of electronic document format these days. You can send a PDF file to anyone without worrying about the manipulation and distortion of the layout. The layout of the page is preserved in a PDF.

PDF is so widespread that even students use it for preparing their school assignments nowadays. In short, this is one file format that we can’t function without. You will work with a PDF at work, college, and various other professions. You don’t require special software to open it. It is compatible with all modern browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera.

Given that these files are so easy to share and the sheer amount of data it generates, you would need to compress PDF to get the business going. This is because exchanging huge data may also create problems. You cannot email huge sized files because there is a size limit for attachments on the email. The same applies to messenger apps. This is where the role of a compress PDF tool comes in.

What Is PDF File Compression?

When you compress PDF, the compression creates a smaller version of a file, allowing you to share the file over a network easily. There are several compression methods through which you can squeeze your PDF file’s size, but one of the most effective and convenient ways of doing so is through a PDF compressor.

These are tools in which you upload the file you wish to compress. The software hardly takes a few minutes before it reduces your file’s size. A PDF compressor tool uses a specific algorithm to find patterns, redundancies, and eliminate or shrink them to create compressed files. For images and PDF files, it could mean recreation of the original data at fewer pixels.

Once you compress PDF using these tools, there is no turning back to the original state unless you have a backup with you. Therefore, one should always keep backups before using these compressed PDF utilities.

Quality Matters More Than Size

The main reason why people compress PDF files is that they want small size PDFs that they can send easily through online channels. However, quality is as important as size, and you should pay close attention to it. Not all PDF file compressor tools maintain the document’s structure and elements. That is why you should opt for a tool that favors quality above size.

Some tools offer customization when you compress PDF. You can select low, medium, or high compression, depending on your need. The quality of output in each category will differ.

Benefits of PDF File Compression

The benefits associated with file compression are many. Let’s take a look at each one by one.

Speed: You will experience improved speed in sending files across different mediums. A file that took ages to reach a recipient can now be sent in a few minutes once it is compressed. Moreover, PDF compressor tools are also efficient programs that hardly take seconds to convert your file. In contrast, the system may take hours to compress it.

Save massive space: Space is a major issue nowadays, and most people struggle to save extra space. Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet, or a personal computer, compressed files enhance the space available on your device.

The compression becomes more effective when you convert several files into one. You may then get rid of the originals by deleting them from the system.

PDF compressors provide security and privacy: Nowadays, compress PDF tools also offer security in addition to compressing PDF. These tools use various encryption systems that protect your PDFs at the highest level.

Best PDF compressor

We all want to compress PDF using a reliable tool that retains the file’s quality and does not violate the confidentiality of the data. Here, we will list down the top 3 tools you can check out and use in the future to meet your compression requirements.


The Pdf Compressor by Duplichecker is an online utility where you can compress PDF with just a few clicks. This compress pdf tool allows you to reduce pdf size as per your desired quality standards. This pdf file reducer offers secure and virus-free compression in minutes. You can compress pdf online by visiting https://www.duplichecker.com/compress-pdf.php.

Free PDF Compressor

As the name suggests, the tool is completely free to use. The software offers quick conversion and an easy-to-use interface. You just have to press start and watch the progress bar until it reaches its completion. You can find your compressed file in the output folder.


Preview is another incredible PDF compressor that offers drag/drop functionality, letting you drop files in the tool. Preview is reliable as it ensures to protect the user’s data and information. You can enjoy a seamless user experience with Preview.

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