Dealing With Rejections and Suggestions for Growth


rejectionWhat do you do when you put your heart and soul into something, only to arrive at a negative outcome?

Here is the little tips on how to deal with those negative outcomes and rejections.

• Think of every rejection as an “opportunity” to identify your shortcomings. As they say, it is not a failure but a stepping stone.

Don’t compare. We all walk in our own paths. I think you should feel proud for having given it your all. Kudos for that!

• It is not the end of the world. Notice the little things around you, that you have.

• Still feeling dejected? Talk to your mentors. It helps a lot. Rethink your strategy. There is path ahead to walk, waiting to be discovered. There always is.

• Rejections can give you incentives to fight. Extract inspiration from them. You have got new objectives to prove yourself.

A post dedicated to all those who couldn’t convert the admits they wanted or land the offers and opportunities they seek.

Sometimes, rejections need to be celebrated too. They could be a boon in disguise and pave way for something better for you. So, don’t loose the fight yet.

Maybe, too easy to tell. But if you can find motivation and a yearning to move forward in moments like this, it will surely pay off.

20 tiny suggestions for growth:

1. Create first thing in the morning (before you manage anything)
2. Don’t overestimate a day. Do less
3. Don’t underestimate a decade. Be more
4. Think outside of your industry to get better in your industry
5. Go deep in any subject (at least so that you can get one idea to implement in your life)
6. Don’t be in the middle of commitment. Either do it well or quit
7. Learn from newbies what you don’t know about the market
8. Learn from oldies what you don’t know about the industry
9. Every three months, review your actions
10. Set effort goals (results are not in your hands)
11. Fitness creates excellence (Doctors who are fat can’t suggest you to reduce weight)
12. Stop doubting your ability, maybe question your commitment
13. Treat yourself like you’d treat your future self
14. Work two minutes when you’re procrastinating on something (go, set your stopwatch)
15. Stop taking credit (especially for the actions you do to help)
16. Don’t play with too many variables in a day (have one or two, not more)
17. Use micro-praise
18. Write one tiny thing you’re grateful for (whenever you get pissed)
19. Take a print out of this insights and paste on your wall
20. Be Compassionate

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