Did the Education System Screw You Too?


Did the Education System Screw You Too?


Don’t believe a WORD I say, but just think for yourself…

…if you have acidity, there was something wrong with the food you ate.
…if you’re overweight, there is something wrong with your eating habits.


which means, the OUTPUT is determined by the INPUT.

look at a successful person vs a broke person.

INPUTs have been drastically different:

Successful person’s INPUTs: books, audios, courses, like-minded people, good diet, exercise etc.

Broke person’s INPUTs: TV, news, media, movies, poor eating habits, gossip, complaining etc.

are we on the same page so far?

Here’s something we need to be concerned about. (the word is ‘concerned’, NOT ‘worry/anxious/panic’) situation of the world today:

  • more & more people having anxiety & depression issues, sleepless nights, unhappy relationships
  • financial stress & insecurity, living paycheck to paycheck.
  • confusion (or- NO IDEA)- how to manage the business stress and unpredictable revenues in business. How to deal with unemployment, which is hitting the world, REALLY HARD!

My question is: if this is the OUTPUT, What inputs did we give to our mind, which created this output?

Obvious answer:

The Education System.

The world has gone from the agricultural era to the industrial era, to the technology era, and NOW- the INFORMATION ERA…

…but the curriculum remains fucking same!

We aren’t training kids, now how to handle emotions, how to become successful, how to become financially free & independent, how to manage money, how to make money etc.

This is just a SLAVERY SYSTEM: step by step system to produce “employees”, who live paycheck to paycheck in their lives, year after year…

To escape this “system”, it took me a LOT of hard work, a lot of mental work, a lot of “re-learning” and unlearning…

…but I made a decision to quit my job and start my business. And that’s what I did, which ultimately TRIPLED my income, in my online business.

the biggest tip I can give you is:


if you can manage your mind, you can WIN in life.

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