Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits


challengesA great success story is the only proof that we have given our dream our very best. I love to see people move up on the ladder of success, because every success story reassures that possibilities in life are still endless. Our doubts do nothing than pouring cold water on our enviable dreams.

S – Set the goals
U – Understand the obstacles
C – Create a positive mental picture
C – Clear mind of self-doubt
E – Embrace the challenge
S – Stay on track
S – Show yourself that you can do it

Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits

challengesFour seeds in the jungle were good friends. Their goal was to grow into beautiful trees. When the first seed began germinating, they realised it wouldn’t be an easy task. The jungle had a group of monkeys who would amuse themselves by throwing bananas at any plant they noticed was starting to grow.

They threw so many bananas at that first seed that it was almost split in two. They all agreed to wait for that group of monkeys to move on before they attempted to grow. One of them thought she should at least try. When she tried she was pelted with bananas, and was left folded over in two. The other seeds asked her to stop trying, but that seed was determined to become a tree.

Each time they pelted her with bananas, she tried even harder. The little plant was attacked for days, weeks and months. Then, one day, her slim trunk got thicker and more resistant, it could withstand the impact of a banana. She kept growing to become a beautiful tree.

Her friends never realised that the monkeys were the only ones capable of strengthening the seeds’ trunks by their method of throwing bananas, something that would prepare the seeds for all the problems they would confront during their growth.

The Change Process

If our life has to mean something, it must start today.

Everyone of us is bound to be a world class champion in a particular field of endeavour. Our work is to find our purpose and then find our vehicle to take us there.

But doing the same things everyday cannot deliver new results. To change the results we are getting, we need to change what we are doing. We must upgrade the way we live our life.

Changing the way we live means changing how we think – like a paradigm shift. Changing how we think means changing what we have come to believe or accept about life. The journey is hard and at times it is so hard that we prefer to hang on to the misery because it is familiar and comfortable.

Comfort zone will only take us to a slow paralyzed death.

What do you think?

Vizualise the moments when you have gone out of your comfort zone to change the status quo and came out as a winner. We need to do it everyday.

Author Bio: Arnab Sadhu, Entrepreneur | Empowering People to Live Life of Choice by Achieving Life and Financial Goals. 

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