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Exploring the Best Linux Distros of 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

As the Linux ecosystem continues to evolve, finding the right distribution (distro) can be both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced user, a gamer, or someone looking for specialized functions, there’s a Linux distro tailored just for you. This blog post delves into some of the best Linux distros of 2024, highlighting their unique features and use cases.

Why Choose Linux?

Linux is a versatile and powerful operating system that offers numerous benefits over traditional proprietary systems like Windows and macOS. It’s open-source, which means it’s free and highly customizable. Additionally, Linux is known for its security, stability, and a supportive community that constantly contributes to its development. In 2024 it evolved more.

Best Linux Distros of 2024

1. Nitrux

Best for New Users

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Easy customizations
    • Use of AppImages for easy app installation

Nitrux leverages stable and respected open-source projects to create a user-friendly experience for newcomers. It uses KDE Plasma’s customizable interface to simplify workflows and includes pre-installed apps for various tasks. Nitrux also emphasizes security with AppImages running in a firejail sandbox.

2. Ubuntu

Best for Beginners

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Very easy setup
    • Variety of desktop environments
    • Dedicated app store

Ubuntu is renowned for its user-friendliness and extensive community support. It offers a simple installation process and multiple desktop environments. The Ubuntu Software Center allows easy app installation without command-line use. Ubuntu releases updates biannually, with Long Term Support (LTS) versions every two years.

3. Zorin OS

Best for Windows Users

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Layout switcher mimics Windows interface
    • Usable out-of-the-box
    • Tailored documentation

Zorin OS is designed to make the transition from Windows to Linux smooth and intuitive. It features a custom appearance app to make its interface resemble Windows. Zorin is available in multiple editions, including Core, Lite, and Education, with the Pro edition offering additional features for a fee.

4. Pop!_OS

Best for Gaming

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Hybrid graphics support
    • Special image for Nvidia users
    • Keyboard navigation

Developed by System76, Pop!_OS is optimized for gamers. It includes necessary drivers and configurations for a seamless gaming experience. Pop!_OS features a minimal app selection, encouraging users to build their environment with its intuitive app store, Pop!_Shop.

5. Kodachi

Best for Privacy and Security

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Can be used as a daily driver
    • Connects through VPN and Tor
    • Anti-forensic features

Kodachi is designed for privacy-conscious users. It routes all internet connections through a VPN and the Tor network. Kodachi includes numerous security tools like VeraCrypt, KeePassXC, and AppArmor. It also features RAM encryption and a “nuke” password for secure data erasure.

6. Rescatux

Best for Repair and Rescue

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Custom Rescapp utility
    • Designed for inexperienced users
    • Lots of documentation

Rescatux is an essential tool for fixing non-booting Linux and Windows installations. Its Rescapp utility simplifies common repair tasks with an intuitive interface, making it accessible to users with minimal technical knowledge.

7. Parrot OS

Best for Pen Testing

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Extensive selection of tools
    • Categorized menus
    • Encrypted persistence

Parrot OS is a powerful distro for penetration testing and digital forensics. It offers a wide range of tools categorized for specific tasks. Parrot OS also supports encrypted persistent storage, enhancing security for pen testers and privacy advocates.

8. OpenMediaVault

Best for NAS

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Intuitive administration interface
    • Useful set of plugins
    • Lots of documentation

OpenMediaVault is ideal for converting an old computer or Raspberry Pi into a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. It supports various network protocols and can be extended with plugins to enhance functionality.

9. Porteus

Best for USB

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Fast bootup
    • Multiple desktops
    • Persistent sessions

Porteus is designed for use from removable media like USB drives. It boots quickly and supports persistent storage, making it perfect for portable computing. Despite its small size, Porteus offers a full desktop experience.

10. Manjaro

Best Arch-Based Distro

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Several editions
    • Customized installer
    • Ready to use

Manjaro brings the power of Arch Linux to a user-friendly package. It offers multiple desktop environments and a customized installer. Manjaro is pre-configured with essential apps and provides extensive documentation and community support.

11. Puppy Linux

Best Lightweight Distro

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Multiple installation mechanisms
    • Wide collection of apps
    • Binary compatibility

Puppy Linux is perfect for reviving old hardware. Its small size and lightweight applications make it efficient and fast. Puppy Linux is available in various editions, each based on different underlying distros, offering flexibility in app compatibility.

12. Arch Linux

Best for Power Users

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Rolling release
    • Wide selection of apps
    • Thorough documentation

Arch Linux is a favorite among advanced users who want complete control over their system. Its rolling release model ensures you always have the latest software. The installation process is manual, but Arch’s extensive documentation guides users through it.

13. Rocky Linux

Best for Small Business

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Compatible with Red Hat Linux
    • Good community support
    • 10-year support cycle

Rocky Linux is an ideal replacement for CentOS, offering compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It’s supported by a strong community and provides long-term support, making it suitable for business environments.

14. OPNsense

Best Firewall Distro

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Based on HardenedBSD
    • Graphical interface
    • Lots of features

OPNsense is a powerful firewall distro with a user-friendly web interface. It provides stateful firewall capabilities along with various network services. Regular security updates ensure robust protection.

15. Raspberry Pi OS

Best for Raspberry Pi

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Officially supported
    • Configurator tool
    • Debian-based

Raspberry Pi OS, formerly Raspbian, is the official OS for Raspberry Pi devices. It offers a lightweight and resource-efficient desktop environment, pre-loaded with educational tools and popular software.

16. Ubuntu Server

Best for Servers

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Long Term Support
    • Optional paid support
    • Well documented

Ubuntu Server is as popular as its desktop counterpart, offering stability and long-term support. It’s compatible with various architectures and is widely used in cloud computing.

17. DebianEdu/Skolelinux

Best for Education

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Lots of apps
    • Terminal server
    • Based on Debian

DebianEdu, also known as Skolelinux, bundles educational tools and Linux desktop apps, making it suitable for classroom environments. It includes a pre-configured Main Server for managing educational networks.

18. EasyOS

Best Niche Distro

  • Reasons to Buy:
    • Usable out-of-the-box
    • Lots of apps
    • Lightweight

EasyOS, created by the developer of Puppy Linux, explores the use of containers on the desktop. It isolates individual apps and can run complete distros with minimal overhead, offering a unique approach to desktop security.


Choosing the right Linux distro depends on your specific needs and preferences. From user-friendly options like Nitrux and Ubuntu to specialized distros like Kodachi and Parrot OS, there’s a Linux distro for everyone. Explore these options, and you’ll find a powerful, secure, and customizable operating system that suits your requirements.

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