How to deal with Virtual Fatigue?


Virtual Fatigue

Is working online getting the better of you? Virtual fatigue is a real thing. Here are a few tips on how to deal with it.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

Doing multiple things at once will divert your attention. Focus on one thing and do it well.


Evaluate and prioritise your work in order to be efficient.

Introduce Breaks

Simply take your eyes off the computer for a few minutes between work.

Create a Relatable Environment

Create a safe environment where it’s okay to ask questions and people feel comfortable while maintaining professionalism.

It’s okay to opt-out of virtual social events

There is nothing wrong if you have had back-to-back events and you want to take a break from them because virtual fatigue is a real thing.

A Safe Home

Just how you have a safe workplace. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home.

Health​ is your wealth

Many of us would have at some point considered pursuing some prestigious tag.

One important reason being the earning potential we achieve and the comfortable life we can live.

We talk about ROI to defend the rising costs of education. We are even willing to take a loan as a long-term investment into our careers at the expense of paying EMIs in our 20s.

We work hard, day and night, face the stress, and put a toll on ourselves, with an end intended to be more successful.

We compare ourselves with others. We assert value and status to brands and paychecks.

Now, imagine getting the best of everything, spending our youth in these pursuits at the expense of our health.

Without it, whatever we achieve, the years of hardwork, the money we make, all of it lose their meaning.

What’s worse is when we destroy our own health, fully conscious of the harmful effects of our lifestyle.

When we are young, we often fail to notice how we are doing irreparable damage to ourselves. As long as nothing happens, we might think everything is chill, but once something does happen, life won’t be the same anymore.

Remember, health​ is your true wealth.

Prioritize it.

There is no tag, job, or activity that is worth it if it costs your health.

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