How to Foster a Lifestyle of Positive Self-Esteem


Self-EsteemSelf-esteem is unequivocally demonstrated through daily self-care. Self-care cannot be restricted to the external but encompass the internal. More than anything, self-esteem is the outward activation of inner worth. That is to say, how we treat ourselves characterizes what we believe about ourselves. Self-esteem is developed from within but manifested outwardly. Consider these tips for establishing a balance of self-care and self-esteem:

1. Use Affirmative Language 

Our language is our “lifeline” — our definition, sustenance, and expression. How we speak about ourselves is a total of how we view ourselves. More than anything, what we say about and to ourselves does provide a perspective with which we navigate our lives. Language devises our perception of individual and collective identity. According to the French philosopher, Rene Descartes coined a remarkably vital phrase, in his 17th-century publication, Discourse on Method, translated from Latin “cogito, ergo sum” to “I think, therefore I am”. In perspective, we think what we become.

2. Feed Your Mind 

Everywhere we turn, we have access to media from the news networks to social outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, feeding information, whether fact-based or propaganda-driven. However, it is more important to hone on which details we accept for our narrative and assume as meaningful for our minds. If it does not feed our minds to grow educationally but rather distracts us from the reality that exists, then such a source should not be fed attention or be entertained. From reading a thought-provoking book to painting an artistically classic masterpiece, how we can feed our mind are limitless.

3. Invest in Positive Habits

Positive habits generate healthier lives mentally, spiritually, and physically. Oftentimes, our most positive habits are affiliated with our deepest passions and pastimes. Habits morph into permanent lifestyles and foreshadow our next moves. Lifestyles intricately sculpt culture. Positive habits upbuild motivation to achieve greater and to compel us to seek authentic fulfillment.

4. Eliminate Toxic Patterns 

Toxic patterns — messy “sideline conversations” and other “petty transactions” — have become a way of our culture. Negativity rules the probability of sensationalizing itself, which brews gossip amidst family and in the realm of a familiar community. Some toxic patterns are generational, while others are uniquely acquired by the individual. Eliminating toxic patterns will also manage our focus on conversing at the tables that are open to us.

5. Surround Yourself with Upbeat Energy

Much like the theme of “Sesa wo Suban”, shifting toward upbeat, rejuvenating energy causes a greater level of productivity within us. The shift is in the “surround(s)” of our friendship, partnership, and relationships with others. The energy of our connections should fuel our success and drain us to the extent in which we are not refreshed.

6. Become an Expert in Time Management

Time is indeed a blessing to our human experience. Nonetheless, the time arrives and departs each moment we inhale and exhale. The discipline with which we spend our time must be equally balanced between our personal, relational, and professional responsibilities. Time management breeds how productive we are in our lives. We must use it wisely.

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