How to fulfill your ‘Startup’ dream?


How to fulfill your ‘Startup’ dream? 🙌

If you wish to work for a startup the read this-

1. In most early-stage startups, there is no HR.

2. Yes, startups believe in cost-cutting and multitasking

3. Therefore the founding members only take most of the interviews

4. Which means you need to show equal passion towards the cause

5. Here empathy will play an important role unlike another corporate hiring

6. Startups do not have a system for training the candidates and they don’t invest in spoon-feeding you what’s going on in the company

7. You might face communication problem but you need to blend in, otherwise, you will feel that people are moving too fast while you are getting ignored

8. Yes promotion and appraisals can happen anytime, you don’t need to wait because here quality work is directly proportional to the growth

9. You definitely need to be versatile if you are joining a team of less than 15-20 full-time employees

10. Mainly an entrepreneur is looking for people who he/she can trust. Therefore, rather than counting cash keep on building trust

11. Here If the company grows, you are growing simultaneously. There are challenges but if you actually take it as your startup, you will enjoy it.

By – Anubha Maneshwar, 24 YO| Founder @GirlScript| Forbes Asia 30U30 Nominee| Tedx & PyCon US Speaker| Indian Women Leadership Excellence Award