An Inspiring Story – Anubha Maneshwar


I dropped out an option to take ‘Computer Science’

When I was in 11th std CBSE, I had the option to choose a subject and I opted for Hindi rather than Computer Science because it involved studying more than one day in order to score well in board exams.

After that I failed in JEE twice, my school mates became my college seniors.

Then in engineering, I chose Computer Engineering as my field. (Chose Hindi over it once)

I disappointed my father when I was a teenager but when I turned 18, he passed away. Now I don’t have him beside me to share my success.

I trusted my friends and made them my family but when I was in need, my actual family came for rescue.

The point is, you will mess up big time in your life and career. You will fall down, you will make the wrong choices, you will fail but the most important thing is bouncing back, never losing hope and always believing in yourselves no matter what.

As you all are affected by the consequences of Covid19, some are losing a job, some are losing friends, family or health but trust the process and everything will fall into place.

Keep on working and don’t give up. There is always something productive that you can do and save yourselves.

By – Anubha Maneshwar, 24 YO| Founder @GirlScript| Forbes Asia 30U30 Nominee| Tedx & PyCon US Speaker| Indian Women Leadership Excellence Award