How to manage remote team effectively with AI: step-by-step guide


remote working

Today we see our working routine very different from what it was at least 10 years ago. Due to technology advancement and access to the Internet we are able to telecommute. And for many of us it has become the only alternative because of the pandemic of Covid-19. Nevertheless, even remote workers need to be supervised for sake of productivity. Here are some practical advices how to make it happen.

How AI can be used in employee management

It seems that 2020 has made all of us more familiar with virtual world. It was necessary to maintain working process still taking into account all the restrictions caused by global health crisis. Most of companies worldwide have gone online offering their services on Internet. But what is more important work itself has started to be performed online where it was possible. Today there are tools for multiple purposes: communication, workforce management, organization of work process, etc. Artificial intelligence is made that way where data collection activates machine-learning algorithms of the application. So basically, this system improves itself with every use. Let`s dive further into beneficial functions associated with implementation of such software.

AI scheduling solutions

As hybrid working model becomes more widespread as the most winning for businesses, it is vital to have applications which could optimize flow of the staff during workweek. With the help of such software, employees can check their schedules and workload, choose the shifts in or off the office, and easily connect manager in case of any questions. This helps to keep workers satisfied by giving them enough independence, while managers are still in control of situation.

 Employee Productivity Tracking

Telecommuting may appear challenging because it is difficult to see what employees are doing during work time. However, handy tools effectively solve this problem. First of all, video meetings and calls allow co-workers to discuss what they are busy with currently. Software for time-tracking or digital activities monitoring show how much time is spent for the job. Many tools assist with task delegation and use of resources (e.g., open file storages) and also show the actual progress of the project. Here it is important to build a strong feedback culture so everyone feel support during work.

 Personalized Fairness Assignment

If company gives a choice, workers have some preferences for schedule and assigned work. Machine-learning tools for workforce management can analyze previous data and provide to every employee the workload according to their requirements. People do appreciate flexibility in their jobs, which leads to better relationship between business owners and staff.

How can AI in workforce management improve workforce productivity in remote?

67% of executives agree with benefits of machine assistance implementation. Artificial intelligence helps with automation of repetitive tasks. It saves time and leaves to human brain a room for something more creative and innovative. Implementation of software speeds up the process of finding solutions. As a result, it leads to general success of the business. Though, even with artificial intelligence involved into workforce management workers need to be constantly learning and upskilling their talents. Training is also needed for staff to operate new software easily.

Productivity is proved to be higher if people manage their time themselves and focus on the most significant things during the day. With the help of AI employees perform their duties faster and effectively, but they still need supervision. It is all about communication: if the goals are set clear, everything becomes possible with good workforce management also powered by machines.

It is critical to maintain a perfect work-life balance of workers and keep them involved and united, even if not physically. Companies must engage their employees in social interactions and team-building activities. To keep it simple, if all the steps are taken right, working can be a lot of fun, even remote one.

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