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How to Start Writing on Medium



Medium is a wonderful place to write content, build an audience, and get paid for your writing. In this article, we are guiding you on how to start writing on Medium.

1— Start with writing good comments. When you find an interesting post, express your thoughts on the topic in 4 to 5 sentences instead of 2 words.

2— When you comment you add value to your network and build relationships. People start noticing and you will get profile visitors.

3— Make a list of people who write frequently on Medium or you like the way they write or the topics they write.

4— Go to their profile and research the posts they have written. Analyze the posts which got maximum engagement.

5— Create a list of topics for example — personal experiences, stories from the workplace, tips to improve a skill, etc.

6— Don’t try to copy anyone. Once you have done your research, focus on what you can share with the world.

7— Make a list of the things you know about, your skills, expertise, and the things you are passionate about.

8— Draft a collection of stories from your life where you failed but you learned something and personal experiences that involved a lot of struggle.

9— Install Grammarly on your computer to avoid grammar mistakes and to write efficiently.

10— Start writing. It’s not difficult. Write short sentences and in a conversational tone.

11— Reach out to publications. Here is the Collection of Medium Publication. Always write from your heart. You will shine.

7 topics for you to start writing on Medium (Narrate a Story)

1 — Write about Your professional journey — introduce yourself

2 — Write about a weakness you overcame in life — introvert in school

3 — Write about an exam you almost failed in school/college

4 — Write about the first interview if your life — narrate the experience

5 — Write about the worst phase of your life and how you overcame it

6 — Write about your first job — your learnings

7 — Write about your favorite teacher at school/college

8 — Write about Your father/mother/spouse… how they inspire you

9 — Write about your work from home experience after pandemic

10 — Write about a conversation you had with a friend about career

11 — Write about your opinion on a trending topic — Bitcoin

12 — Write about daily routine — show how you are trying your best

13 — Write about a book/article you read recently and summarize it.

14 — Write about a movie you watched and how it influenced you.

15 — Write about your hesitation to write your first post on Medium.

16 — Write about what you learned by writing regularly on Medium.

17 — Write about how you are growing as a writer by writing regularly.

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