Hugs are better than Kisses


Always leave people better than you found them. Hug the hurt. Kiss the broken. Befriend the lost. Love the lonely. —

Well, the fact that you have been single for a while may be the reason why you need and want to be held more. You want a hug because you miss that cuddly non-sexual affection. Guess what? That is normal.

Men, believe it or not, often just want a hug as well. You do not need to spend all your time kissing. In fact, most of the time you are with someone you just want to be held by that person. You want to feel his arms around you, and his body next to you. That is normal.

Hugs and kisses are two very different things. Personally, I prefer greeting my partner with a hug first, then a kiss, but the hug lasts LONGER, and feel more personal. Why, because I miss the feeling of having him close and you can feel his reciprocation.

I know that there are woman that judge a man on how they kiss- but honestly, the kiss is secondary. A hug is primary. It shows affection. It shows care. It shows more emotional connection. If you hug each other and there is no real effort to join together, then honestly, I would rethink things; or begin to think something is wrong.

A man should be excited to see you. So much so that he wants to hold you all day and all night. A hug is one of the best indicators a man or woman can use to show their partner they care and he is by her side.

So remember, if you’re questioning yourself on whether you hug too much, its normal- especially if you have not been with someone in a while.

So many people going through life lonely and alone. They do not have anyone to care for them or touch them. If you have people in your life to hug- count your blessings.

I remember a Caucasian woman from that day. silver hair, slender, wearing glasses. She approached me tentatively and I asked if I could give her a hug?

She sheepishly agreed and approached me stiff and nervous. I encircled her in my arms and pulled her close. I heard her gasp and then I felt her sob. We held each other for several minutes until her tears subsided. Nobody noticed because when I let her go, she was smiling.

“Thank you. I needed that,” was all she said while looking into my eyes with love.

I’ve kissed my share of people and women, but I have never had my kiss result in catharsis for the recipient, not have I ever been thanked.

Always ask for consent before you hug people, but push yourself to give and receive hugs. You could fulfill someone’s deepest unmet need for knowing they deserve to be touched.

Hugs are always better than kisses. Bcz many times a hug can happen where a kiss can’t, won’t or shouldn’t. And as well as there are plenty of benefits to hugging.


  • A hug can act like a great big security blanket for its recipient, showing them that you care and that you are there for them.


  • When you hug or are hugged, something called oxytocin, also coined as the cuddle hormone, it released, and it makes us feel all soothed, warm and relaxed!


  • It has been scientifically proven that the act of a great hug can significantly lower a person’s heart rate, which in turn can decrease their risk of several different heart related health problems!


  • No matter where you are, if you’re out at the mall together or you a making dinner together in the kitchen, the beauty of a hug is that it can be given absolutely anywhere.


  • Hugs are the perfect form of #affection to show to someone who you like but are not necessarily sexually attracted to. It’s a great halfway measure!


  • Regular hugging can improve your nonverbal communication with your loved one, as you start to pick up their body language much better.


  • National Hug Day is celebrated all over the #world on January 21st, so get involved and become one of many huggers on that special day!

So I would prefer Hugs and I love to hug. Maybe I have a hugging addiction. Hug anyone? Anyone …?

Want to add word or two? 

Because hugging works like a drug.

Yes, it really works.

If you feel depressed, alone and almost like dead then I prefer you to hug your mom ♡. Her hug is the best therapy for all of your problems and wounds.

Trust me. You will feel relaxed.

You can try now 🙂

Go and hug your mother for no reason and see the happiness that you will get on her face, it will help your heart ♡

Your comment ….? 

Kisses are lovely. But hugs are fabulous too and I think sometimes we overlook their value. There are many times a hug can happen where a kiss can’t, won’t or shouldn’t. And there are plenty of benefits to hugging too. Not convinced a hug is better than a kiss?

Well for me hugging is a huge deal bc I never do unless I’m into someone so it’s very personal when I do. it involves way more of the body so I def choose to hug.

Kissing I think amplifies the hug – though I haven’t kissed yet.

Hug over kissing but the combination should be excellent.

Although kisses are awesome anyone can kiss you but it takes that special someone to make you feel protected in their arms and plus there are different hugs that only your S. O can give you like a reassuring hug, or an ily hug they r something special

It’s not the act, it’s the intention. Both will bring a couple closer if they feel love and affection and kindness for one another. Both will hurt or push you apart if one or both partners are cold or withdrawing genuine affection or not really mentally in the relationship.

People come to France and think that because they see us do a greeting-kiss, instead of a handshake that we like to hug. Oddly we don’t. We may kiss two, three, four, times but no hug.

The safest rule in Europe is that in business you offer a handshake and if you are fortunate and find they want to give you a kiss on the cheek, you are in luck, this means they trust you enough or feel comfortable and that is a good sign in any setting so be ready to act on it.

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.