Why did YOU leave your last Job?


Why did YOU leave your last job?

Always asked in interviews!

For the purpose of this post, this question assumes that you voluntarily left your last job, were made redundant, OR are currently in employment and looking to switch jobs.

Possible reasons that will project POSITIVITY:

1. I am looking for a new career challenge.
2. I am looking for more responsibility.
3. I would like a career change.
4. I would like to relocate.
5. I would like to learn new skills, or perfect a current skill.
6. I need to improve my work/life equilibrium.
7. More convenient location.
8. Better salary.
Etc etc.

Be as TRUTHFUL as possible!

Never speak badly about an organization or senior individuals, as it does not speak well to your professionalism.

If you need to contrast the good vs. the bad, simply emphasize the benefits of joining the new company.
Be FORWARD thinking.

Like anything in Life, you can’t undo the past. You can, however, positively influence the future.

PREPARE to answer this question.
I want you to sound confident in your response!