Medium Publications and Blogs that Accepts Submission of Guest Post Articles


guest postAre you the budding writer who is looking for Write for us section in every Medium publications and blogs. Here we bring some of the best publications who accept guest post.


Medium Publications for Guest Post

One Zero

OneZero is a medium publication about tech and science. It’s a place to find timely analysis and commentary from a stable of the sharpest thinkers and writers out there, as well as rich, colorful deep dives into the most unexpected corners of our digital universe. Click here to view the guidelines for guest post.

The Mission

The Mission publish stories, videos, and podcasts to make smart people smarter. Check out their submission guidelines.

The Startup

The Startup is the Medium’s largest publication for makers. Check out their submission guidelines.

AMI Publications

AMI Publications is made up of Hacker NoonART + marketingAthena TalksP.S. I Love YouFuture TravelSmall Business ForumMy Student VoicesFit Yourself Club42HireKeeping StockResponsible BusinessLaces Out, Festival PeakMovie Time GuruHealthcare in AmericaMad Frisco, & Extra Newsfeed. All in all, they are up to 14,000+ contributing writers, 450,000+ subscribers, and 11,000,000+ monthly minutes reading.

They are now actively accepting story submissions send your drafts to (


Forge is Medium’s personal development publication. We love stories about productivity, self-improvement, optimization, personal progress, mindfulness, and creativity. Check out their submission guidelines for guest post.

The Hacker Now

The Hacker Now publish opinions on life, motivation, modern entrepreneurship, education, personal growth, and more. Check out their submission guidelines.

IoT For All

IoT For All publishes posts, opinions, tutorials, and resources covering the Internet of Things, VR/AR/MR, AI & ML, and beyond. Check out their submission guidelines.

Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science looking for writers to propose up-to-date content, mainly focused on data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other adjacent scientific fields such as cognitive science. Check out their submission guidelines.

Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is on a mission to create next generation data science ecosystem. Check out their submission guidelines.

The Readers Cafe

The Readers Cafe is the writers block, they cover articles of wide range like poems, stories and much more. Check out their submission guidelines for guest post.

The Writing Cooperative

The Writing Cooperative is a community of people who help each other write better. They publish articles that focus on writing, editing, publishing, creativity, and everything in between. Checkout their submission guidelines.

The Ascent

The Ascent publication plays a key role in driving progress around that mission. As you’ll come to learn and see in the near future, there will be other elements and platforms added to the mix to help us reach those goals. Checkout their submission guidelines.

Writing Together

Writing Together is a publication aimed at bringing writers from all backgrounds together. We welcome new writers who just need somewhere to begin posting stories and receiving feedback, or experienced writers who want to add their personalities to the group and offer advice. Checkout their submission guidelines.

The Research Nest

The Research Nest, networked deep into science and technology rooted in artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, blockchain, Internet of Things, and beyond. You can send your unpublished draft to


Elemental is a health and wellness publication. Check their submission guidelines.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself, one of the largest publications on Medium. Be Yourself mostly focuses on life lessons and stories from people’s lives. Checkout their submission guidelines.

Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Entrepreneur’s Handbook covers interesting launch story, design commentary, or lessons learned from a startup success or failure? Discover a productivity routine, or grow a side project into a business? Love tech? Checkout their submission guidelines.

P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love you publishes poetry and fiction, essays and your hey this happened to me. All they ask is that your piece is, on some level, about love. Check out their submission guidelines.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth they cover Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Personal Development. How To Write For Personal Growth: Email Dan (

The Weekly Knob

The Weekly Knob publishes collection of stories inspired by and focused around a single writing prompt, typically a common household object, tool or thing. Check out their submission guidelines.

Data Driven Investor

Data Driven Investor covers a a wide range of topics from fintech to A.I., we hope to build a community of readers, writers, developers, enthusiasts, and beyond, who can all come together with a common set of interests and goals. Check out their submission guidelines.

The Post-Grad Survival Guide

The Post-Grad Survival Guide give advice on life, careers, and imposter syndrome after college. Checkout their submission guidelines.

Arc Digital

Arc Digital welcomes smart commentary on what matters. Our goal is to make this the best opinion space on the internet. If you’ve got a smart take, no matter where it happens to fall on the ideological spectrum, we want to hear it. Checkout their submission guidelines. publishes bursts of code to power through your day. Web Development articles, tutorials, and news. Checkout their submission guidelines.


LEVEL is a new Medium publication that aims to fundamentally change what you think of when you hear the phrase “men’s magazine,” and to do so through and for the worldview of Black and Brown men.  Culture, sex, identity, fatherhood, career, race, friendship: It’s all fair game when you’re trying to LEVEL up. See the submissions guidelines and how to pitch here.


ZORA is a new Medium publication for, by and about women of color. If you have a story that reflects your experiences, your thoughts, your culture or your life as a woman of color that you want to share, you can submit stories directly to ZORA’s platform editor, Jolie A. Doggett, at

Chatbot’s Life

Chatbot’s Life has quickly become one of the premier Bot Publications and Consultancies online. Checkout their submission guidelines.

Live Your Life On Purpose

Live Your Life On Purpose is looking for writers! If you have a story that relates to.. Health & Fitness, Life & Learning, Personal Finance, Productivity & Purpose, Individual Success. Checkout their submission guidelines.

Bello Collective

Bello Collective is committed to creating a platform that includes diverse perspectives from people throughout the audio industry. Checkout their submission guidelines.

She Code Africa

She Code Africa will publish your technical write-ups. Checkout their submission guidelines.


Marker is a new publication from Medium looking to make leaders smarter about the world of business—and the way business impacts the world. You can submit stories at

Human Parts

Human Parts is Medium’s home for personal stories and perspectives. From the mundane to the extraordinary to the downright weird, we’re here to explore what it means to be human. Read their submission guidelines here.

The Bold Italic

The Bold Italic is an online magazine that celebrates the character and free-wheeling spirit of San Francisco and the Bay Area. For pitches, comments and general inquiries, send a message to

Publications that Moved away from Medium

Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon was one of the leading Tech publication on Medium. Now they Rips Out Medium’s Software, Replaces it With Their Own. You can still publish with Hacker Noon by creating your writing account. Check out their publishing procedure.


Edurick is an online learning portal strive to make quality education affordable to the masses. We provide online training in disciplines where technologies and best practices are changing rapidly and demand for qualified candidates significantly exceeds supply. Refer their contribution page for submitting an article.

Free Code Camp

freeCodeCamp is an open source community with thousands of contributors, mentors, teachers, and event organizers. If you write about development, design, or data science — and are looking for an audience — this is a good place to get published. Now they run on self-hosted open-source tool where they’re publishing articles to an even larger audience. Check out their submission guidelines.

Third Party Blogs


Knowlab aimed at bringing writers from all backgrounds together. We welcome new writers who just need somewhere to begin posting stories and receiving feedback, or experienced writers who want to add their personalities to the group and offer advice. Check their submission Guidelines.

Do you think we have missed something. Write to us at to add or remove publications or blog from this list. Happy Writing!