Why You Should Go Into Web Development Now


man pointing a computer having web development codeWeb development is an excellent career in the digital space. The industry offers a lot of exciting and promising opportunities – ones that may not even be possible right now. With the current state of the world, because of restrictions brought on by measures against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a louder call for more web developers to join the fray.

Engineers of the Web

Web developers are the ones who create websites and web-based applications people know and love like social media and online payment tools. They use their coding expertise to build and maintain useful and complex systems online.

Web developers are not web designers. Designers are the ones who work on a website’s layout, aesthetics, and navigation. Developers are more concerned about the logical structure of these online entities. According to Glassdoor, the average web designer has a salary of $52,691 while the average web developer earns $68,524.

It’s About Growth

Because of recent developments in the world stage, many businesses and organizations are realizing just how important web presence is. People are currently stuck in their homes and the economy has slowed down to a crawl. Websites are the platforms both consumers and enterprises have turned to for trade. This presents a significant increase in demand and a unique opportunity for players in the field to step up.

According to Forbes, the outbreak has caused a significant acceleration to an already occurring transition from traditional sales to ecommerce. There have also been boosts in online traffic in general since lockdowns and quarantines have been imposed. And as the spread of the virus continues, these increases show no signs of slowing down either. Even if the safety measures are lifted today, the changes in online behavior may linger.

Because of this, many websites will either have to be created or overhauled to match this growing traffic. Web developers are the ones to do it.

Likewise, there are increasing demands for work in the digital field. These are the kinds of jobs that adapt well to remote work.

Getting Into It

Man typing web development code in his computerBecoming a web developer doesn’t require formal education. You just have to learn the craft. Still, you can choose to enroll in institutions that offer web development programs or courses. This may help you advance later in your career. You can even take online classes so you can start taking on web development jobs while earning a degree.

It will help if you have a little understanding of the tools early on because you will have to choose a specialization. This will be based on the type of work you’re most interested in like interface design, front-end development, or mobile app development. There are also a lot of resources to help you start out, like the 13 PHP libraries.

Technical skills are highly regarded in this field. They will determine whether you will get the job, not a degree. When you understand these three core programming components well: Javascript, CSS, and HTML., you’re chances of getting hired rise.


You should get into web development because it’s lucrative and in-demand. You don’t need a degree but an understanding and dedication to the craft. The work is as challenging as it is rewarding. Most of all, you should get into web development because it’s one field that won’t fade away anytime soon.

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