Mobile Apps to Limit Your Child’s Smartphone Usage


children with mobile phoneYou might be worried about your child’s social media addiction. They might be using smartphones for the entire day. You child might be saying he/she is using the phone for study purpose, but there might be some other story. Using too much smartphone can have a bad impact both on their minds and their eyesight. Also, your child may come across some inappropriate video while scrolling through the web which may have a negative impact on their brain. Hence, it is necessary for you to keep a check on your child and see the duration of their smartphone usage.

In order to save your child from excessive screen time, you must also restrict the usage and also monitor the content he/she might be watching. You should also make sure you limit their excessive phone usage as it may have a negative impact on them. Many smartphones come with an inbuilt feature of managing screen time. If your phone doesn’t have one, you can download these mobile apps to manage your screen time of your kids.


With parental control function, BreakFree helps you analyse your kid’s phone usage. It comes with a plethora of features and helps you monitor phone usage, provides statistics on phone usage and it can be downloaded both on Android and iOS. The app is free and can help you keep a check on your child’s data consumption.

Download: Android | iOS


The app comes with a lot of features including social media monitoring, tracking locations and alerts, etc. You can keep a check on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and also be notified of the new tags, check-ins. You can also track your child’s location using this app.

Download: Android | iOS

DinnerTime plus

The app allows you to limit the phone usage of your child. It also schedules restrictions and gives a detailed report of your child’s phone usage. It also gives a real-time display of the phone and allows you to block apps as well. This app allows you to lock your child’s device using your own smartphone. The app also lets you know which app your kid has been using the most.

Download: Android | iOS


ScreenTime is of the best mobile apps to restrict your child’s screen usage. It allows you to set daily limits and also lets you see which app your kids use the most. It comes with a unique feature where parents can pause their child’s mobile device as well. Parents can approve or disapprove the apps to be downloaded and it also has hefty Screen Time monitoring functions.

Download: Android | iOS


Checky lets you know how many times your child has used the phone Thus, in a way, it helps in keeping a check. It helps in promoting healthier smartphone habits as well.

Download: Android | iOS

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