Online Tools For Bloggers and Website Owners To Know Everything About a Website


Have you ever come across some websites and inspired by their design and content? Ever noticed and wondered by some websites or blogs loads faster than yours? Want to know who is hosting those high-traffic websites? Do you want to find out who is the owner of a certain website? If you got questions like these, here are some of the most useful free online tools that will help you to know each and every detail of any website on the planet.

UPDATE: Collection of Online tools in One Place for Easy Reference (Click Here)

1) Who Monitors the Internet

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the private (non-government) non-profit corporation with responsibility for IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions, the services previously performed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). The main role of ICANN is to make the Internet run smoothly all over the world. This is more commonly known as “universal resolvability.” ICANN plays a pivotal role in maintaining the Internet as we know it and continues to mold and evolve the Internet of tomorrow. Anytime you register a domain, ICANN gets a small piece of the fee and oversees your domain to help maintain the security of the web.  Also, read Layman’s guide to the Website and how the website works.

a) SEO Tools

SEO Tools is a bundled collection of best online tools. There are wide variety of tools such as Invoice generator, XML Sitemap Generator, Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter & more.

2) Whois Lookup

Whois is a widely used Internet record listing that identifies who owns a domain and how to get in contact with them. ICANN regulates domain name registration and ownership. Whois records have proven to be extremely useful and have developed into an essential resource for maintaining the integrity of the domain name registration and website ownership process.

Whois information gives you a clear idea about domain registered country, date, nameservers, hosting, IP and server location. This tool gives the contact information of the website regarding various issues like support, complaint, and maintenance from the domain provider.

Some Whois services are

3) Website Technology This online tools is a website profiling service that tells you about all the technologies used in a website. This tool gets you the information about nameservers and hosting providers, email services, CMS and advertisers. It also lists out the widgets, analytics and tracking, javascript libraries, content delivery networks in use on that website and many more.

This is tool can help developers and designers learn what technologies a website is using and decide what technologies to implement themselves.

Some similar services are

4) Hosting Information

Domain Hosting Checkeris a online tools you will get information about the web host, IP address, name servers & more. With this service, you can compare different hosting services and it gives you a clear idea on which hosting service fits your website.

WhoIsHostingThis ( – You will get information about the web host, IP address, name servers & more. With this service, you can compare different hosting services and it gives you a clear idea on which hosting service fits your website.

HRank (– It is the web hosting rating system based on research, analysis and experience and is meant to be objective and up-to-date; and free. Every Web Hosting Provider is tracked by Uptime, Response Time, Quantity of Shared IPs and Sites.

Reverse IP Domain Check

Reverse IP domain checker will find other sites hosted on the web server by entering a domain or IP address.

YouGetSignal also provides various tools like Port Forwarding Tester, What is My IP Address, Network Location Tool, Visual Trace Tool, Phone Number Geo Locator, Reverse E-Mail Lookup Tool, Who Is Lookup Tool.

5) Ping Tools

These tool helps you to know whether your website is accessible from different cities of the world. It also performs DNS analysis and Traceroute for your website and shows the time taken to load your web page in different parts of the world. This tool clearly shows the checkpoints which had packet loss and it maintains your site’s visibility all over the world.

Some ping tools are

6) Page Rank

Alexa Rank (2) – It is a measure of website popularity. It ranks millions of websites in order of popularity, with an Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular. Alexa Rank reveals how a website is doing relative to all other sites. You will get information about SEO keyword opportunities, Competitive benchmarking, Website traffic statistics, Audience insights

Sitechecker ( – It improves your website score by fixing critical SEO errors by checking health, rank, backlink, SEO performance, traffic.

CheckPageRank ( – It is a free tool to check google page rank, domain authority, global rank, links and more!

7) Check User Names

It is an online tool that can help you to find usernames across various social networks. It also helps to find the availability of domain names. This is especially useful if you are running an investigation to determine the usage of the same username on different social networks. It can be also used to check for brand company names, not only individuals.

Some Name Checkers are

8) Responsive Website

Web Page Screen Resolution Simulator – It is an online tool to check website responsiveness for different sizes.

Resport – It is an online tool to check website responsiveness for different sizes.

9) IP Information

Domain into IP gives you IP information of a website along with location and hosting information. — offers a comprehensive report of any website or I.P. Address. You get to know about the hosting provider, the physical location of a website, the IP Address change history of a website and the DNS information.

10) DNS Propagation Checker ( –  lets you instantly perform a DNS lookup to check a domain names current IP address and DNS record information against multiple name servers located in different parts of the world.

This allows you to check the current state of DNS propagation after having made changes to your domains records.

11) Page Loading Speed

Page Speed Checker and Page Speed Insight checker will give you detailed information about your web page speed and insights. — Find the PageSpeed Insights of any website on both desktop and mobile devices. The higher this number, the better. The Google tool also offers a suggestion on how the score can be improved.

12) Adsense Tool — The AdSense sandbox solves two problems – it shows the various advertisers that are targeting a website and it will also help you figure out if a particular web domain is banned in the AdSense network or not.


13) Plagiarism Checker

Palgarism Checker ( – is an online tools to save your blog from plagiarized content.

DupliChecker ( – Completely free and accurate online tool to check plagiarism. Just Copy & Paste to detect Copied content. They also provide services like SEO, finding IP, Image search, Text analysis, web management, PDF converter and much more as you needed.

CopyScape ( – Copyscape provides a free plagiarism checker for finding copies of your web pages online, as well as two more powerful professional solutions for preventing content theft and content fraud

SiteLiner ( – It helps to explore every site. It can find the duplicate content, broken links, page power etc.,

14) Submit Your Website or Blog to Search Engines

Getting listed on Google and the other popular search engines is one of the most effective ways of directing free (or more accurately unpaid), targeted traffic to your website.

15) Create new documents in Google Docs

Google very helpfully provides web links to create new Google Docs (, Sheets (, and Slides (, saving you the trouble of loading up Drive and creating new files each time. Most recently, Google pushed out a new shortcut for Google Keep, too—add to your browser bookmarks to instantly create a new note.

Computer: You can use links, bookmarks, and page breaks to help people find content or move around your file in Google DocsSheets, or Slides.

16) Title Generator

The title of your blog post plays a major role in the success of a post. It is the title, after all, which compels users to click on the blog post and read it. In addition, the title of a post plays a significant role in a post’s search engine ranking.

Some Title generators are

17) Speech to Text ( – Voice dictation exactly converts your speech to text in real-time. It saves time for many bloggers and content writers.

18) Word Counter

Word Counter online editor can help you to improve word choice and writing style, and, optionally, help you to detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism.

Tone Analyzer uses linguistic analysis to detect joy, fear, sadness, anger, analytical, confident and tentative tones found in text.

20) is a photo compressor can help speed up the time it takes to load your web page and make your photos smaller for easy social media sharing.

21) PDF 2 GO

PDF2GO is all in one tool to edit PDF files, you can convert, compress, split, merge pdf files with this online tool.

22) Online Tools of Digital Marketing for Bloggers

23) Find out what’s new

Your bookmarks can give you a quick shortcut to whatever is new in your world—it might be new Android apps, or recently edited Dropbox files, or new Chrome extensions, or the latest music on Spotify. Whenever you’re looking at what’s new, think about adding a bookmark to save yourself a couple of clicks the next time you need to check in.

24) Jump around Wikipedia

You’ve got plenty of URLs you can bookmark to make navigating Wikipedia a faster process, from individual articles to Wikipedia searches. You can, for example, find recently featured content here and jump to a random Wikipedia article here. It’s also possible to bookmark a link to events from this day in history and the newest pages on Wikipedia.

25) Check your unread messages in Gmail

If you dare to confront the sprawling mess that is the unread messages in your Gmail inbox, then this bookmark will do the trick for you (assuming you’re already signed in). You can bookmark any search in Gmail to get back to it quickly—you could bookmark unread emails older than a year, or starred emails, or messages in your drafts folder.

Author: Vinoth George C is a freelance tech columnist from New Delhi, India. He likes to learn and create new tech concepts and aspire to build a technology that exceeds our humanity.