PC Components – A Look Inside What Makes a Computer Tick


To many, the parts that reside inside the computer they use are one part foreign and three parts scary. Breaking them down to make sense of what they do can go a long way. Here is a look inside what makes a computer tick.


The Central Processing Unit(CPU) is the brain of the computer. The CPU is what thinks inside a computer to complete tasks and to run programs.


The Graphical Processing Unit(GPU) can be considered the eyes of the computer. The GPU displays what is on screen for you to see. The beefier the GPU, the better what you see can look.


The Random Access Memory(RAM) of the computer(also referred to as memory) can be considered the workbench of the computers. The RAM holds important information of what you’re doing at the time. If you’re working on something, you take it and put it on our workbench, when you’re done you move it off the workbench.


The Motherboard is the Grand Central Station of computers. Everything travels through the Motherboard to get where it needs to go, or to communicate with other components.


The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the heart of the computer. It takes the electricity from the wall or battery, and sends the right amount to the right places, keeping everything on and alive.

Hard Drives

The hard drives can be considered your locker on the computer. It holds all the music, pictures, and videos you use without connecting to the internet. It can also be referred to as storage(not to be confused with memory and RAM).

When it comes to computers, there is loads of information about every component. Knowing the base idea of what every component does can go a long way in dealing with tech support or troubleshooting.

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