Prevent Stress Factors to Overwhelm your Startup Business


Being the owner of a startup business you might always be looking for an opportunity to grow, but have you ever realized that your attempts to take up more work with the aim to grow your business might overburden your employees hindering their mental peace?

Yes, according to the current startup company culture, the success rate of the projects have a huge effect on the future of the company and this success rate is directly connected to the performance of each employee that works on that project. The mere pressure to give their best to produce the most productive outputs creates tension in the office environment where all they could see is the deadline and the successful delivery of their projects.

The reason behind people being overburden is they need to handle more responsibilities than usual due to limited staff that these startups could afford. This stress would gradually start affecting the quality of outputs, persons mental health and reduce the enthusiasm of an employee to give his 200% for the work assigned to him.

Well, no business owner would like to see his business getting destroyed while aiming for more work! Creating a stress free environment for their employees can make things better, below are some tips that can help you achieve that.

Set reasonable company goals

The first thing that most of the company owners have to take into consideration is while creating plans for their company. The greed of getting more revenue might make them take up more work than their team might able to handle, these loopholes or poor planning of the authorities put the employees in the situation where they have to give a lot of more time and efforts than usual to help their authorities with the struggling company.

This strategy of getting more outputs from fewer employees leads to employee burnout and workplace frustration. Having proper planning that has some feasible plans that can be accomplished by their people can help the employer get better and productive results.

Organise employee growth programs

Make your employees individually stronger. Training your employees to do any kind of work or handle pressure might make them stronger. There are many situations where employees are given tasks they do not know and thus ends up creating a mess.

Organizing some knowledge-building programs that can help them improve their understanding of the projects and its working based on the industry working will help them get the confidence to make the right decisions in critical situations. Giving some decision making freedom to your employees will help them as well as you to get things done easily and faster.

Make your workplace a happy place

The next thing you need to focus on to create a happy environment is looking for the chances of employee merriment through some activities.

Your employees are working on continuous deadlines and pressure of getting things right as per the requirement, during this workflow, it’s hard for them to find time for their self-recreation which eventually lead them to frustration.

Plan some corporate team-building activities, give them time to think and play to keep their mind away from the regular flow and release their stress by having some fun time with their teammates. These exercises are helpful for team bonding and improve coordination among the employees while also creating some happy and memorable moments in the company.

Clarity in the task and organizational structure

A person tends to perform 20% faster if he knows the right flow of what he needs to do. Having work clarity and idea about the kind of output expected from him makes the work easier. So before your team starts working on any new project, make sure they are clear about each of the aspects from the ideology of the project to its execution.

Sit with them and discuss the flow of execution such that it doesn’t create an overburdened environment and your employees have the clarity of expectation. Moreover, the organizations reporting structure also has the effect of pressure as the leaders don’t have time to sit and approve every task which leads to delays and stressed situations when the deadlines are near.

Revise your reward structure

 Your employees are walking an extra mile to keep up your startup running pace as per the market, giving them the reward or recognition for the effort that they are putting in to make things work out becomes must.

Revisit your company policies, make sure it has a mentioned clause about the rewards for the efforts, whether, in the form of money, leaves or a planned holiday from the company.

This small thing has a great effect on the employees and the dedication that they provide with the willingness to give their output to the company.

Summing Up

Sudden deadlines, continuous work pressure and overwhelming approval process might lead your team to uncertain situations and tense mindset. In order to save your business and your employees from drowning into a stressful workspace, it’s important for a business owner to take care of his employee’s mental health.

So, use the above tactics to minimizing stressful situations and help your employees deal with critical situations better before they start looking for better opportunities.

Author Bio: James Vargas is an experienced business expert, consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered, startup growth consultancy. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.