The Top Highest Paid Blockchain Jobs You Need to Know About


Blockchain development is the hottest IT job skill today; knowing what companies want is key to landing a high-paying and challenging job working with the still-emerging distributed ledger technology.

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Have you ever thought of pursuing a career in the Blockchain industry? Don’t know what are the jobs available and puzzled about how to get started? Then, you are in the right place.

Demand for blockchain recruitment in tech companies has become substantial. Huge investments in Blockchain technology has disrupted many industries globally. Due to huge investments, the need for blockchain knowledge and experience is growing at a drastic rate.

All these while Blockchain technologies were used in developing cryptocurrencies but as of now this technology is pacing into commercial applications too, and this generated more and more jobs in this sector. The demand for experienced and qualified candidates is sky-high.

This is a perfect time for the aspirants to kick-start their careers in the blockchain field.

Who’s Hiring?

There are four major players in the crypto job market; startups, legacies, tech companies and governments. Here’s how each got involved in blockchain and what they’re doing with it;

Startups: These are the independent businesses and products created since the invention of Bitcoin. AngelList holds records of over 1,500 crypto startups which have raised more than 3.7 billion USD from ICOs in America alone.

Startups are run by crypto nerds and blockchain businessmen who saw how important the technology was and got involved early. They are creating platforms like EOS, Monero, and Qtum as well as exchanges like Bittrex, Kraken, and Binance. Startups can also be wallet providers, news sites, blogs, and educational tools that have been formed to support blockchain projects. Many of the jobs created by startups were unpaid, to begin with, but have now started to pay very well!

Legacies: These are big companies like banks, accountancy firms, and law offices that have been around for many years. They took a long time to react to the technological developments of Bitcoin. They have seen it grow over the years and now they’re scared. If they don’t work out ways to use blockchain tech, it could put them out of business! Legacy companies have a lot of power and money. Their global reputations allow them to hire almost anyone they want. Most are hiring whole teams of blockchain experts to help them keep up with the technology.

Tech firms: These are the companies that have the most to lose if blockchain tech takes over the world. They are companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook. Much of their success and power relies on the centralized services they offer. If the popularity of decentralized platforms keeps growing, users won’t want to use centralized networks anymore. Tech firms are having to adapt and fast! Blockchain development has become a high priority. Most are investing in projects which will use blockchain tech to benefit their businesses. One of the biggest projects of this kind is Hyperledger. Hyperledger aims to provide businesses with the tools they need to implement blockchain technology.

Governments: the cost-cutting potential of blockchain is huge so many national governments have been hiring crypto experts to advise them. In Britain, Sir Mark Walport has suggested that a blockchain could be used to manage student loan payments. In Estonia, blockchain tech is being used to make government agencies fairer and more efficient. Projects like e-Residency are being used to make it the world’s first “digital nation.” Venezuela has gone even further and created its cryptocurrency called Petro!

All of these institutions are creating new blockchain jobs every day.

Also Check: Infographic on ‘Highest Paid Blockchain Jobs’ developed by Karthik at below.


Business Development Representative

Job Description – To advertise the products and expand the business. Eligibility – Should have sales experience with excellent communication skills. Income: $45,619 p.a.

Blockchain Technical Recruiter

Job Description – Identify and screen the right candidates for Blockchain projects, review applicants to ensure they meet minimum project requirements. Eligibility – Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource, the ability to learn technical information, build strong relationships, a great deal of HR practice. Income: $50,500 p.a.

Blockchain Research Analyst

Job Description – Apply data mining techniques in statistical analysis. Eligibility – Excellent understanding of Blockchain technology, coding Knowledge. Income: $62,560 p.a.

Blockchain Web Developer

Job Description – Should write and maintain codes that assist people in making transactions without interference of any third parties. Eligibility – Should have complete knowledge about javascript, python and solidity. Income: $66,130 p.a.

Blockchain Financial Analyst

Job Description – To recommend investments, improve investment strategies, evaluating risks & should maintain investment portfolios. Eligibility – A Bachelor’s Degree with a license from the Financial Industry Regulation Authority. Income: $81,760 p.a.

Blockchain Marketing Specialists

Job Description – Overseeing and developing marketing campaigns, researching to identify the target audience, devising ideas and Strategies. Eligibility – Bachelor’s Degree in Sales and Marketing, superior written and verbal communication skills, Blockchain product knowledge. Income: $91,250 p.a.

Blockchain Security Architect

Job Description – Should know how to create systems that would ensure the safety of the company. Eligibility – Should hold a Bachelor’s Degree in any computer field like Web Development or Information Technology. Income: $92,600 p.a.

Blockchain Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description – Should know how to create a safe and user-friendly experience to customers through digital applications. Eligibility – Should have a Master’s in computers or Ph.D. and should have experience in NLP algorithms. Income: $112,421 p.a.

Blockchain Marketing Manager

Job Description – Should attract users and investors with their crypto and blockchain knowledge. Eligibility – Should hold a Bachelor’s Degree along with experience. Income: $127,560 p.a.

Blockchain Engineer

Job Description – Responsible for designing Blockchain Solutions. Eligibility – Should have a Computer Science or Software Engineering background. Income: $175,000 p.a.

Blockchain Developer

Job Description – Research, design, develop blockchain technologies, develop decentralized applications and Smart Contracts. Eligibility – A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or mathematics, expertise in various Programming languages – Java, Node JS & Python. Income: $175,000 p.a.

Blockchain Data Scientist

Job Description – Research and analyze troves of Blockchain data. Eligibility – Excellent understanding of Blockchain technology, coding knowledge. Income: $176,780 p.a.

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