The Traveler’s Holy Grail of Apps and All Things Tech


travelWhen it comes to travel, most people try to keep themselves away from their screens. After all, traveling is all about soaking in the view and the culture, aka keeping your eyes off your phones (unless you have to take photos).

However, you’ll still need your phone, some gadgets and a few trusty apps to ensure the best trip ever. Whether it’s keeping your phone charged for photos or checking out the best fishing charters in the Gold Coast, technology can help you plan a memorable trip for yourself or with your loved ones.

Here are travel gadgets you should include in your carry-on, as well as the apps your phone must have before you say Bon Voyage!”

Travel Tech Must-Haves

Universal (All-in-One) Plug Adapter

When you travel, you discover that electrical outlets from around the world are different. Some outlets are recessed and require an extender, which isn’t often included in most adapter sets. If you do have an adapter, some of these do not correspond to the shape of your hostel’s outlet.

Universal plug adapters are here to save the day. Today’s all-in-one adapters address common issues with all adapter plugs, especially the European ones (a plus if you plan in staying in port of Spain beaches and other EU places). Most adapters have enough options that offer better booting, too.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

This is the best travel investment you’ll make. Think about it: most international travels involve spending time on the plane with other people. If you want a trip free from crying kids, noisy co-passengers and loud airplane noises, bring your noise-canceling headphones. These headphones can shut out the din of the aircraft, too, which makes it easy to catch some sleep. It’s also a good excuse to not socialize when you’re not up for it.

Portable Phone Charger

Keep your phone fully charged even if you’re traveling. A small, rechargeable USB phone charger gives you a heap of charges. It may seem like a costly investment or a ‘useless and repetitive’ party favor, but portable phone chargers save you money from buying drinks so you can stay at a coffee shop and plug in your dying phone.

Weatherproof Phone Case

At home, these phone cases seem bulky and unnecessary. When traveling, however, they’re lifesavers when you get caught out in bad weather. Ziploc bags protect your phone from the rain and other elements. You can also use these to protect your phone while you take photos under the water.

Mobile Hotspot

Depending on which phone plan you use, a mobile hotspot saves you money on data charges and international plans. These devices can also broadcast strong Wi-Fi signals you can use in any country without using your expensive data or relying on sketchy public wireless connections.

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Must-Have Travel Apps


The Hostelworld app does everything that you’d expect typical accommodation apps do — searches, bookings, and filters. It sets itself apart from other apps by making travel more appealing. Its full-screen interactive app makes it easy to decide on the location of your hostel. Plus, the reviews are just a tap away.


This travel app helps you organize your travel itinerary. All you have to do is forward your flight, accommodation, car rental and restaurant confirmation emails to and the app transfers all the information to your itinerary plan, which makes it easier to view all of your upcoming plans. If you upgrade to the pro version, the app will provide alternative routes in case your flight gets canceled, as well as send you notifications from airlines about cancellations and delays.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is an easy travel expense tracker that simplifies tracking your expenses. Organize your expenditures by month or by the trip, easily add expenses or set a daily budget. When you get a receipt or a bill, pull out your phone and add the amount using the Quick Add features.


If you’re not a big fan of canceled or denied flights or denied boarding due to overbooking, AirHelp is at your service. Both EU and U.S. laws provide compensation, although the details are different. The app makes sure that you get your compensation without taking much of your time. All you have to do is enter your flight details, the cause of the problem and leave the company to do the rest. If your claim is successful, you’ll receive 25 percent of the payout, as well as get a referral bonus.

Technology need not hinder you from enjoying the most out of your travel. In fact, it can make traveling easier. Bring these gadgets and download these apps on your next trip!

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