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Things to STOP and LEARN if you want to be SUCCESSFUL in CAREER and LIFE


7 things to STOP right now if you want to be SUCCESSFUL. Get that JOB and KEEP it!

1. Stop being loyal to people who are not loyal to you.

2. Stop worrying what people think and say about you – hardest lesson to learn.

3. Stop trying to please everyone because you can’t.

4. Stop reacting and start responding” – Buddha – another hard lesson to learn!

5. Stop wasting time on people who do not care, there are so many who do – lost money can be found, lost time is lost forever!

6. Stop letting others dictate how you should live your life – “When writing the story of your life don’t let anyone else hold the pen”

7. Stop doubting yourself. Don’t think you deserve the job? Apply anyway.
Don’t think you will do well on the interview – go to it anyway!
Don’t think the recruiter will respond to your email? Send it anyway – do not self-reject.
Failures do not kill dreams – doubts do.

14 things YOU had to learn 

1. At the end of the day, very few people care about you. Keep them close.

2. If you start with whatever you have, right now, right here, you would have all the resources you need within a few years.

3. Don’t go by words. Look at actions. Actions don’t lie.

4. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint-hearted. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fly.

5. You don’t need to rush to things and call it ‘hustle’. Love your craft as you love yourself.

6. Most people will ignore you in your anonymity. They would call themselves good friends when you become successful.

7. If you want to be good at one skill, it is decision making.

8. There’s an unfair advantage of going through hell. You become unstoppable.

9. Don’t share your plans/vision with anyone until you’re there. ‘Did‘ is a better word than ‘will do’.

10. Making excuses are fooling yourself into believing that you don’t deserve it.

11. Help all. Even if they don’t acknowledge or give a damn.

12. Stop changing your minds every day. Fix your eye. Give it at least a year. And then if it doesn’t work, let go.

13. You write your own life. Live it or leave it.

14. Don’t try to save a little. Rather take that money & invest in yourself. Investing in yourself will help you reach a higher rung. Then, save.