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Top Reasons Why Govt Jobs are so Popular


As the private sector becomes more and more competitive, the younger generation is vying for government jobs now more than ever. Apart from job security, there are many good reasons to choose government jobs over private sector jobs.

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Timely remittance of salary

Many times it happens in a private sector job that the companies may delay salaries due to delay in payment from their client. However, a government job employee will always get paid, even if the country is in economic crises.

Earn pension for a lifetime

No private job will take your responsibility after you leave their employment but that is not the case with sarkari naukri. By working as a govt sector employee, you are not only securing your present but also your future. Government jobs offer you a complete insurance of a lifetime that only stops after you die!

You get plenty of recreational time

Government jobs do burden their employees with a unbearable workload. This is why the people working in these jobs are able to maintain a work life balance. With all the free time, you are able to devote attention to your family as well as your work responsibilities. Many people choose to join other activities such as sports, hobbies, etc.

Less stress

Thanks to reasonable workload, you will not have to bring your work woes home. As a result, government employees live a relatively stress-free life. The best thing is that even if you do have to work for extra hours, you are duly compensated for all the overtime you put into your job!

You don’t need exceptional skills

Unless you are applying for PSU jobs or high cadre jobs, you don’t really need any additional skills to secure a spot in a government job. You just need to be efficient in what you do and carry out your responsibilities with all earnestness. However, that is not the case in a private sector job. A private employer will assess your performance quarterly and holds the power to fire you if he feels unsatisfied with your performance.

Get housing facility/assistance

Many government sector employees either get a housing allowance or a house in the designated areas. The rent component of that house is usually a part of your salary. So if you have a house of your own, you can actually choose to not take a house and increase your take-home salary by also taking the housing allowance. However, if you are relocating from a different city, the government will provide you with housing facility wherever you are posted.

A lifetime of free healthcare for you and your family

Healthcare is one of the costliest expenses these days. However, when you serve the government, they not only take care of your health but also that of your family. You can claim free medical services and get quality access to healthcare.

Get additional allowances

When you land a job in the government sector, you would be able to take care of all your extra expenses by earning extra allowances. From dearness allowance to travel allowance, there are plenty of opportunities to earn over and above your salary. Most importantly, you can travel in all parts of the country and enjoy concession on your travels expenses. No such facility is available to a private sector employee, unless they are at a very high position.

Get paid vacations and leaves

A government employee gets high number of off days that allow them to plan their holidays and family visits if they are living away from home. If planned well in advance, one may even be able to take up to a month or two off, and that too without losing their salary!

Sense of security

From medical facilities to lifelong pension, a government employee is secured for life. You enjoy a sense of security as well as respect in the society for serving your government. You no longer have to live in the constant fear of losing your job.

These are just some of the many reasons why people in India work so hard to secure a government job. The government sector follows an easy chain of growth and appraisal that does not allow nepotism to flourish. As a result, everyone gets equal opportunity to grow and earn a handsome salary. But most importantly, you can secure your lifetime by diligently serving your department.

A government job can be called as an investment in your future, ensuring that you live a comfortable life, long after you have your retirement. If this is how you see your life, then you must consider government jobs as a lifelong career.