Time showing alarm clock

Over the course of the last 6 years while in college, I’ve always been worrying about the future and regretting the past. It’s naturally not got me a lot of benefit.

But the times I’ve acted in the present, I’ve always been happier and excited regardless of the outcome.

Having completed 2 degrees, I came to a realization after reminiscing all the triumphs and hardships while looking at the bright sky.

Time is a person. Not a random concept. A real person.

And she cares how you treat them now.

When I treat her as though she isn’t important (living in the past/future), she naturally gives me times that are not worth remembering or maybe worth forgetting.

But when I treat her like she is what is most important right now, she creates moments that I will take with me forever. And she takes care of my past and future.

All relationships are best lived in the present.

Treat time like your best friend. Live in the present. She’ll take care of everything else.

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