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Understanding Digital Marketing Process

Every journey has a purpose, a beginning and an end. In life we make frequent journeys to various places; we journey for business, for vacation, for pilgrimage and for hundreds of other reasons.

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Digital culture is trending nowadays. But digital marketing is a tedious process. This process could facilitate businesses to enjoy benefits from digital storytelling using various social tools available. Integration of a good digital marketing process plan could act as a bridge between traditional resources and digital media and bring out.

In this technologically motivated environment, organizations cannot simply make profits by adopting digital marketing strategies for the products and services offered by them. In order to have a fully functional and effective marketing program, it is very important for any organization to have a clearly designed marketing plan. The relationship between a marketing plan and marketing program is that between oxygen and fire. Just as without oxygen it is impossible to lit fire, in the same way without a clear-cut marketing plan it is impossible for an organization to set the market on fire, obviously by its performance.

Therefore, developing an actionable digital marketing plan is critical to the success of  the business. Businesses with a good digital marketing plan have 2x the revenues per employee. They are also 2x more likely to be growing. The real challenge with digital marketing is gaining expertise in the field. But an organization should at no cost ignore this very significant function.  

Few points that can help a business develop an effective digital marketing plan

Thinking Beyond The Website

It’s time that businesses think beyond the basic website. Organizations should look to focus more on developing a digital marketing system, which has a wider scope than the website. A website should merely be a part of a larger digital marketing system. Various metrics can be used to develop an effective digital marketing system:


It is very important for a website to measure the amount of traffic on the website on a real-time basis. Traffic can be effectively monitored using Google Analytics. It has a free as well as a paid feature.


Merely ensuring traffic on the website doesn’t guarantee the success of the organization. What’s most essential is converting traffic into contacts.


This metric can be effectively traced using the organization’s accounting system and customer relationship management.

Steps in the digital marketing process flow as follows: 

Step 1 – Making the digital marketing strategy:

If you don’t know where we are heading, we will never reach, that’s why a good strategy for digital marketing decisions developing, integrating and balancing the digital marketing strategies is the first step of the digital marketing process. An ideal digital strategy aligns with the vision of the business or any other entity dealt with.

The key determinants for making a digital marketing strategy are:

  1. Long term and short term goals
  2. Challenges being faced currently
  3. Challenges which are likely to arise in future
  4. Futuristic prospects and mechanism to attract those prospects
  5. Competitors and policies used by them
  6. The budget for the digital marketing program
  7. Expected ROI (Return on Investment)

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