Upcoming Future Technology & Gadgets That May Change The World


Technology has the potential to do many tasks, with the main objective of changing the world. You must be following the online news and social media which publishes news about the discovery of amazing new gadgets every day. Technologies are shaping the way we work and communicate with others.

We have seen a huge rise in digital technology in the course of the most recent five years. It is improving day by day and in the future, we will live a life that we see in science fiction movies.

While all of us have heard how technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum computing are set to change everyday lives, there are still many upcoming technologies and gadgets that may change the world we think.

Get ready to enter into the future world where these technologies and gadgets that will change our lives “perhaps” for the coming decade and beyond.

Solar Panel Technology

Now the use of non-renewable energies is at high demand. One of the non-renewable energy is Solar power. Solar panels are used to produce electricity in homes by installing them on the rooftops. But this is not confined to house roof tiles only but Scientists are integrating solar panels on vehicles roofs like carstrains, bikes, and busses where they will be able to power in-car tech or make the battery last the longest. In the future, you would not make a queue to fill up the fuel tank and no need to change the battery.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI  was only found in the novel those days, now turns into reality. According to research in upcoming days AI is going to replace most of the jobs from humans. Artificial Intelligence has already replaced most of the tasks. With the rise of the Internet of Things(IoT), Information Technology and Cyber Security companies have started adopting artificial neural networks for monitoring and preventing attacks. GoogleFlipkart, and other big e-commerce companies have already begun using AI to provide their products and services more efficiently to their customers, AI could eventually find its way into things like robot assistant, robot servants, writing our news, as a waiter in restaurants, or even replacing customer service(like a new AI robot Sophia). It seems that it will work exactly what we have seen in Sci-fi movies.

Google Glass

Google is well known for its jaw-dropping innovations. One such recently released gadget is Google glass, Although explored edition had been launched in 2013, that time it couldn’t reach the audience properly. But now Google has added many unbelievable features to this gadget which urge its customers to use this device. Practically Google Glass enables you to view social media feeds, Google Maps, Notifications, navigate with GPS, take photos and all those functions which we see on our phone screen.

You can make calls, send messages by simply commanding google assistant. You can find the explored edition on Amazon which may cost you around $1300.


Guys! What if I tell you, You can cover 600km in just 30mins.Scientists have created a train which is named as Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a super-high-speed transportation system wherein trains can travel a large distance in a steel tube (vacuum where no friction is present). Trains can pick up speed up to 50miles/hour. This idea is first noticed in 2012 and later on, in 2014a company called virgin hyperloop1 started working on this idea.

The principle behind this technology is simple which we have learned in physics. It works on the principles of Magnetic levitation. In magnetic levitation, two sets of magnets are present on track and another on the train. These help in lifting up the train and helps the train to move at considerable speed by reducing the contact friction. Also, another principle is based on removing air resistance. So a vacuum is created to reduce the friction and speed up the train. Using these principles Hyperloop would revolutionize the transporting system.

5G- Wireless Technology

5G technology is the next major phase of mobile telecommunications. It is actually a software-defined network which means it could replace cable operated communications entirely and would be largely operated on cloud technology. This means it will have 100x more capacity than 4G(LTE) which will dramatically increase the internet speed. For example, to download, a 2hrs movie we had to wait for 6hours in case of 3G and nearly about 3-4 hours on 4G operated networks but on 5G we need just 3.6 seconds.5G networks will be very responsive (0.045 seconds in 4G and 0.001seconds in 5G ).

Let me tell you the maximum speed of 5G would be 20GB/sec. Well, that is enough to download 100s of movies just in a couple of seconds. Unlike before when we use the internet in mobile to just browse the web and send text messages, but now the time has changed where we have HD streaming smartphones, smartwatches, self-driving cars and many more self-driven appliances which require better advanced 5G networks to be operated.

Ring Gesture Control Device

Now you can control your devices without touching and simply by moving your fingers in the air. The gesture control device, as you can expect, fits on your finger. It’s like a piece of typical jewelry,  can allow you to close your finger and write a text message in the middle air. You need to create a gesture by drawing the desired pattern on the screen in a smartphone app and setting a rule. Then you activate it by touching a sensor on the side of the ring. Then sketch the gesture in the air to execute the command. You can play music, type, swipe, play videos, call, messages, alarm, draw, and many other kinds of stuff without touching the screen.

Mixed Reality

This technology is going to change the way you are seeing the world. This technology is merging of the real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualization where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. Now in the past 2 decades of computers and the internet having limited to flat 2D screens of laptops, tablets, smartphones. But the rise of mixed reality means that society will soon witness the world beyond the flat 2D screen where the user interfaces won’t be a flat-screen of glass but 3D space where we move around.

It is related to the characteristics of both VR(Virtual Reality) and AR(Augmented reality), but one step further by offering the best of both. You must have seen Iron Man how he makes his model of iron suits using this technology. For example-Windows mixed reality headset and pokemon go(Where people walk withholding their smartphones in search virtual creatures called pokemon)

3D Printing Technology

It is the most eye-catching advancement in printing since Johannes Gutenberg discovered the printing press 600 years ago. We all know that a printer is a machine that can make a copy of anything. But we are unaware of the fact that technology has brought printing technology to the next level. Now we can make prints of anything in 3D. It seems like science fiction, but 3D printers are already in use. Building hearing-aids(Bioprinting), Prosthetics, jewelry, toys, robotics, medicine, food, fashion, parts for machines and even for gadgets this technology is available to anyone.

3D printers use the same principle as that for 2D, but instead of printing inks on papers, 3D printers work by printing thin layers of plastic or any other similar materials(clay, resin) one over another. The printing opportunities increase with the 3D printer, it is now feasible to print all possible forms. In the future, One can also imagine that furniture and houses can also be printed from 3D models.

Space Tourism 

In late 2050 it will be feasible for tourists to head into space and now there is ongoing research and race to get them there. Space-X is a company that manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft and it is known for having a pretty ambitious goal. It is going to send two paying tourists (citizen) around the moon at the end of 2018. Branson Musk is also one of the space company who has the same ambition of sending people into space.

It is like a dream come true when we will land on the moon. You can spend summer vacations with your family in space.

This will change the history of tourism. But the main constraint is its cost which will be in the tens of millions of dollars. Take an Example, In Virgin Galactic space company you will need an up-front deposit of over £200,000 ($250,000) for a ‘seat to space’ and ‘membership of the Future Astronaut community’.

Eye Tracking Technology

Eye Tracking technology is the way of measuring the point where one is looking and the motion of an eye relative to the head. In simple words, it is a device for measuring eye movement and eye position. Its specific aims are to enhance the performance of computer-based UI in eye-tracking devices.

To develop UI that can be customized according to the user’s need and condition.

This technology will be beneficial to those people who can’t interact with computers (through keyboards, mouse)like paralyzed people. This can enable them to control by simply looking at the screen.

Normal people also get benefited from this which allows your tablet to be controlled, play a flight simulator, and even in the fruit ninja, slice fruits with movements of your eyes only.

This works by combining eye-tracking technology with a front-facing camera, along with some serious computer-visual algorithms, and voila, fruit slicing with eyes.

Flying Cars and Passenger Drones 

It is estimated that the World population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050. And it is obvious that traffic on the road will increase gradually. Even you can’t get space to walk. Thatswhy flying cars are necessary. Flying cars and Passenger Drones are always a thing of wonder for humanity. It will ease the process of transportation and can help us to reach our destination more easily. But today researches are still being carried on to get the perfect design of such cars. It is difficult to manufacture a car that can work dual function i.e, both running on the road and flying in the air. But we may see flying cars in the upcoming years.

Nowadays drones are being used to Inspect critical infrastructure like bridges and power lines to survey areas affected by natural disasters and in military purposes. Amazon and Google are developing drones to deliver household items.

Final Words

Well Guys, Now you have known the upcoming future technologies and gadgets that I just spoke about which are simply based on fundamentals principles and concepts of Trending technologies. We can see these innovations in the future which are just upgraded ideas of present technologies like AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, etc and these may change the world entirely. If you want to stay updated for future technologies, You have to know these fundamentals.