Why are Turnkey Solutions Popular in the iGaming Business


Turnkey SolutionMany online casinos and betting businesses are choosing turnkey software solutions because it allows them to integrate ready-made software into their platforms and simplify their daily operations and services. It helps them increase their overall casino business performance and lead the competition by delivering better products and services in a much shorter time. By the end of this guide, you will know what a turnkey solution is, for whom this solution is suitable, and why it’s so popular in the casino industry.

What is a Turnkey Solution in Gambling?

A turnkey software solution is similar to white label solution and can be defined as a system that is built end-to-end for a customer. Turnkey solutions can be easily implemented into a current business. The turnkey solution is immediately ready to use and satisfies the need of certain processes like manufacturing, website design, or content management.

Turnkey solutions are different from custom-built or designed systems as the range of customization in turnkey solutions is limited. In gambling, a turnkey solution is a simple and affordable software option. Sometimes you might get confused between selecting customized software or a turnkey solution which is ready to use. For this dilemma to solve, you want to clearly understand your casino or betting business requirements and how both the software packages would address them. To assist you in this process, we have created this guide to discuss the pros and cons of custom software and a turnkey solution.

Advantages of Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey solutions can help your business reduce project time by providing you a self-owned solution. It increases your team’s productivity, and makes your workflows more efficient. If you have a business with a limited budget, in that case, the turnkey solution can be a perfect choice for your business. Moreover, Turnkey solutions are less costly and easier to implement than custom software development. It can also be helpful when you don’t know how to create a software on your own or lack a development team to create a custom software. Turnkey solutions have many advantages that we are going to mention below.

  • Easier to implement – A turnkey solution is easier to implement as the provider will give you a ready-made solution. All you have to do is simply choose a good software provider to include ready-made software into your casino or betting platform.
  • Lower Cost – Turnkey solutions are considered cheaper than developing software on your own. These are an excellent alternative to expensive custom software for any casino or betting business platform. Also, you will not have to put additional efforts in setting it up as it’s already very user-friendly.
  • Highly functional – Turnkey software solutions possess many helpful features that fulfill the requirements of any gambling or betting website. Make sure you check this before buying any turnkey software solution. Select the provider who offers all the basic features of a casino website such as payment methods, customer support, and an excellent gaming library.

Is a Turnkey Solution Good For Your Business?

A turnkey software solution is the best option for anyone who does not have their own development team or have no idea of developing a website. The turnkey solution can be a good choice for your online betting or casino business because of its flexibility. Usually, the casino software providers will provide you a fully developed online casino product. You can also add additional features on your own, customize the game set or any other thing you wish to add or remove. However, the customization is limited by the given framework in the turnkey solutions. Aside from this, a turnkey software solution allows you to create an online casino or betting platform in your full property and run it independently after the software integration.

You will be involved in the process of developing your casino platform. Moreover, you will be able to structure your online betting/casino platform as per your own taste and become an owner of a unique casino business. Purchasing a turnkey solution from a trustworthy casino software provider will help you get independent ownership as well as an exceptionally amazing gambling website. With 100% business ownership, you will have an opportunity to change some features independently. This cannot be possible in some other solutions, such as white label solutions where the operator is completely dependent on the developer.

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