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Writers Guide: Values to be Offered as a Content Writer


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If you believe in what you do, then it is your moral obligation to share it with others to help them transform their life. At the end of the day, we are all in business for the same reason—we are heart-centered businesses and our purpose is to transform people’s lives. Here are the important values to be offered as a content writer to your client.

Ask yourself: “What does it cost a potential client to NOT do business with you?”

Answer: ______


If you are a healer that relieves people’s pain then it would be important to determine how that pain impacts the person’s life. So ask yourself, does that pain affect their mood? Of course it does. So then, how does that mood affect their relationships, their work, and their life? Does the pain affect their ability to do physical things they may enjoy? Does their pain affect their sleep? We can go on and on and on but we think you get it. So if you had something that could take away or relieve the pain, then, what would it be worth to them and to their quality of life?

As a writer, you see, what tends to happen to most people is that they lose hope that something in their life can be different because they get desensitized to their pain, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial. People start thinking that their pain is actually a normal part of their life and that there is no other way. However, there IS another way and YOU can show them that through your services or product. You could give them hope by being able to truly express your message about it to them in a way that they would see the value in it.


We’ll give you a hint—people are comfortable with their pain and you may have to remind them they have it in order to show them the light of a better way. You have to scratch the scab. It sounds gross, but it’s true.

Do you believe in your service or product? Do you believe that it has value to the person’s life and that it can make a significant impact?

If you do, then like we mentioned before it would be your moral obligation to let them know about your product or service. In fact, if you do not share it you are withholding a service or product that could improve their lives.

You may say, “Well, we don’t know if what we offer will have THAT big of an impact.” But, it may be that you are not looking at its true impact. We will give you an extreme example because we want to get your mind going into that state where when you look at your business and offerings and always look at it from a VALUE perspective—that is, what’s in it for the consumer?

So, let’s pretend that your business places small carousels for kids in shopping malls. The kids put in four quarters (or maybe even 8) and it spins them around for two minutes. At first you may feel that the ride is overpriced, but what if this carousel was transformational? Ask yourself,  how can this business be transformational for a family? At first glance you may say, “Well, not much of a transformational experience here.” However, before you make that conclusion let us give you a different perspective.

What if a parent used the carousel as a tool to have a good experience while shopping. The parent tells the child that if they behave and listen during the entire shopping experience that before they leave they can ride it. How does that transform the shopping experience? What is that hour of a well-behaved child and peace of mind worth? At the same time, let’s just say that your child is just having a rough day because another kid was not nice in school and you had to go to the store and when you see this carousel you decide to give your child the opportunity to get on it in hopes of lifting their spirits.

The two minute ride shifts what your child’s focus is on and after the ride he/she is in a better mood. Maybe it was you that had a rough week and needed to bring your inner child out and ride the carousel. Was that shift in point of reference for the emotion worth the dollar? Was the reset button and the ability of the family to experience possibly more happiness and peace of mind worth it? We don’t know about you, but for us the dollar was well spent.

So, if this were your business and you were going to express what you offer to a potential customer, what would you say? Would you say that you own a carousel at the mall or would you say that you help bring joy to people’s lives? Of course, having carousel is your business but perhaps it’s more than that. Maybe it’s vehicle into to more happiness, be it temporary or not. What we are trying to point out is that regardless of your business, your product or a service is just a vehicle for transformation.

The problem is that when expressing their business most people focus on the vehicle instead of the outcome. To be honest with you, most people do not care about the vehicle that you use to get them where they want to go. What people care about is the outcome that it will have in their lives. This is what most business do wrong.

Example 2

Imagine you were going through the process of booking a trip to Hawaii. When you meet with a travel agent, do they spend the majority of the time talking about the plane that you will be taking to get there or do they focus on your destination and the experience that you will have? What if they DID spend most of the time talking about the plane—you would probably be unlikely to buy from them. When crafting your message you have to make sure that you are focusing on the DESTINATION because this is what people are interested in spending their money on. It’s not relevant HOW you achieve your results, but the fact that you achieve them is.

So, what you are going to do in this section is do some brainstorming about what you would write in your copy by focusing on the VALUE of your service or product. The same way that we described the value of the carousel is the way that you should look at your own business. Take a look at the following questions as you brainstorm (they are part of your worksheet):

Value Your Offer

Question: How does your services improve a person’s quality of life? (The “destination” they’re looking for?)

Answer: ______

Question: In what areas of their life does it impact them, even loosely?

Answer: ______

Question: What are the keywords your clients would use to talk about their needs or the transformation your product or service would provide? (Start thinking about this now… more about keywords later.)

Answer: ______

Question: What is the value your product or service offers WORTH? Monetarily? To their life?

Answer: ______

The internet is full of contents, many pitches are revolving around the same things and explaining them in different ways. It brings out the high demand for unique content writers. Here are a few tips and values to be remembered as a content writer.

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