Writers Guide: Values to be Remembered as a Content Writer


writing toolsThe internet is full of contents, many pitches are revolving around the same things and explaining them in different ways. It brings out the high demand for unique content writers. Here are a few tips and values to be remembered as a content writer.

Establish Your Credibility


Imagine creating an instant connection with your tribe so you immediately become someone they ‘know, like and trust.’ Through your written marketing materials as well as when you are speaking to individuals or groups, you can position yourself as a person that they want to do business with by creating credibility and showing vulnerability.

Regardless of your experience or education, you are credible—you are an expert in you niche. But, being an expert doesn’t do you any good unless you wear the hat. Take out your invisible expert hat and before you put it on ask yourself if you’re truly ready and willing to OWN your hat. Now put it on!

No matter how credible you are you don’t have credibility unless you TELL OTHERS. This is not the time to be shy or humble here. Own it!

Question: List three points of credibility (experience, accolades, training, etc) :

Answer: _________


Now that you’ve established yourself as an expert, you need to make sure that you’re not making yourself seem “unreachable”—meaning you want to remain HUMAN and REAL. To do this, you will need to be willing to be VULNERABLE. This is where you take your story and work it into your message. Show them who you really are and help them feel connected to you.

Question: List three main vulnerabilities from the story of your journey so that your audience can connect with you:

Answer: _________

Assure them they’re in the right place:

Now that you’ve got on your expert hat and they know who you REALLY are, it’s time to assure them that they have come to the right place. Credibility comes from the expertise to back it up, the connection you establish, and your ability to make them feel comfortable with what you are offering them. Complete the worksheet and answer the following questions and you’ll have a good start to writing your promotional copy

Question: This is for you if….(Tap into their needs and pain)

Answer: _________

Question: What is the transformation you provide that others crave? (OUTCOMES)

Answer: _________

Bonus Tip

If you want to become a better writer, blogger or want to excel in content writing get ready to do some work. Because it won’t happen overnight, and not just because you want it to. You’re going to have to practice.

Writing involves your own creativity and piece of mind that allows you to think for the content. There are various online tools available to help writers, bloggers, and content writers. Here is the list of Best Free Writing Tools for Writers, Bloggers and Content Creators.

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