10 things YOU need to know before an INTERVIEW


1. Why did you apply for the role?

Whatever the reason, know your “why” and be ready to enunciate it.

2. Why do you want to work for the company in question?

Don’t tell them who and what they are; they already know that. Tell them what makes the company appealing to YOU.

3. What is your understanding of the role?

This is your interpretation of the job description.

4. How will you add value to the company?

Talk about your strengths and what makes YOU the best candidate.

5. Know your own resume inside out.

You may be asked to talk them through it.

6. Know your expectation of salary, benefits, bonus and commissions.

Try to find out what fair market value is, or ask your recruiter.

7. Know what your current employment notice period is and what your start date can be.

8. Know how to answer behavioral questions using C.A.R.L.
(Context, Action, Result, Learning)

9. Know something about the workplace culture in advance. 

Connect with current and former employees and review Glassdoor.

10. Know the background of your interviewer(s).

Review LinkedIn and Google.

Most importantly, know that if YOU are prepared and are simply yourself, YOU have just as much chance as anybody else!