15 Things I wish I knew before I Started Freelancing


freelancingBeing a freelancer was the proverbial world that I really thought everyone was missing out on. I dreamt of & admired the ease with which one would become so successful at just being their own boss. The number of success stories that were littered on the interwebs made me fall in love with freelancing even more.

These are some of the lessons I have learned along the way and I know more complex ones will come along but I know for sure they will find me well aware and prepared. The following are to guide whoever may be interested in walking the freelancing road one day and are only looking at the good things.

1. Stop trying to look only at revenue as a freelancer. Freelance to add value; revenue will follow.

2. If you want to make more sales, study concepts from both, psychology and marketing.

3. Don’t be afraid of scaling too fast. You don’t need to struggle and toil for years to hit $10K months. You can do it in under a year.

4. Regular content creation will get you 3–5 leads a day, in under a year. Want to get leads in your sleep? Create content.

5. Don’t rely only on content creation for lead generation. Use other methods too, especially some form of outbound.

6. You don’t need a degree, or rather any work experience at all. Just get your skills to a level where it can be of value to other people.

7. Listen more than you talk. Act more than you think. Create more than you doubt.

8. Freelancing is a numbers game. The more content you create/ outreach you do/ calls you book, the better outcome you will get.

9. A sustainable freelancing income is better created through client retention than lead generation. Aim to retain as many clients as possible each month.

10. Prioritise your health. You rely 100% on yourself as a freelancer, and this career choice demands that you be your fittest self to succeed in it.

11. Freelancing is meant to be treated as a business, not a quick rich scheme. Give it time, energy and effort for the long term.

12. If you are underbooked, you need to focus on lead gen and sales. If you are overbooked, you need to raise your prices.

13. Your focus should not be to hit $100K as soon as possible just because everyone’s doing it. It should be to set and chase goals that are meaningful to you.

14. Interacting with 10s of people every day will affect your mood. Learn to become resistant to it.

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Author: Shreya Pattar

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