3 Top Python IDE for Artificial Intelligence and Beginner Programmer

We humans have a tendency to underestimate ourselves. We are much more than two hands, two legs, two ears, one nose and one tongue. We are far more than our physical appearance, our mind can do wonders and can take you to great heights. Once you realise your strength and choose your weapons wisely to fight the battles, then, believe me, nothing can stop you.


IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a code programming tool used for writing, testing, debugging, and intuitively compile code. IDE is a compulsory tool for any programming activity, and because of that, many kinds of IDE are developed — including IDE for Python.

While many choices available, not every IDE provide you with material for learning the Python programming language. Hence, you might want to look into another IDE that offers any beginner programmer’s learning capability — especially for people who want to start their Python journey.

In this article, I want to outline my top 3 Python IDE suitable for any Beginner Programmer. Let’s get into it.

CodeSkulptor is an In-Browser IDE developed specifically for teaching Python for Beginner. It is developed in 2012 for students in the classrooms to study together without installing any specific IDE and ensuring that all the Python environment is similar. Because it is developed for students, it is perfect for beginners to learn Python.

The above image is the IDE interface from CodeSkulptor, specifically for Python3. There is a version for CodeSkulpor Python2, but Python2 is already outdated in the current data professional workflow when this article was written.

The IDE is simple; you only need to write your code on the left side (Code), showing the result on the right side (Output). However, because CodeSkulptor is developed for learning purposes, no debugging processes or additional extensions you could download within the environment.

Although, what you might want to see is the CodeSkulpor Documentation. I would show you in the image below.

The Documentation is a complete learning material for you who didn’t know about Python previously. The way it is written and constructed is perfect for any beginner to follow and learn many terms that you never knew before. That is why CodeSkulptor is perfect for beginners starting their Python journey and understanding more about the Programming language.

2. Thonny

Thonny is an IDE developed for learning and teaching programming at The University of Tartu, which you can download for free on the Bitbucket repository.

Thonny is very nice for beginners because it can show you the step-through statements and expressions with the assistant page’s help. Thonny offers a great editing function where a new window is opened with local variables, and the code is shown separately from your main code.

3. Wing

Wing is a minimalist Python IDE developed to teaching beginner programming. The developer has written the companion book and video recording you could follow closely for learning Python using the Wing IDE. Let’s take a look at the Wing IDE in the image below.


Python is a programming language used by many data professionals. Python language becomes more important in many fields because it is easy to learn and having much community support. However, learning the Python programming language is still a challenge for some people.

Source: Originally published in Towards Data Science by Cornellius Yudha Wijaya

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