5 Elements You Should Have For Effective Content Strategy


content strategy

2022 is at the door, bringing new trends and challenges. So, let’s ensure your site stays on top of search results and attracts lots of visitors.

We’ve studied lots of data and expert thoughts, and here are your content strategy recommendations for the next year.

1. Re-think content types you are using

According to CMI, the top five content types will be:

  • 48% research reports,
  • 48% short articles (less than 3,000 words),
  • 47% ebooks/white papers,
  • 39% case studies,
  • 32% long-form articles (over 3,000 words).

Choose and combine any of them based on your target audience.

2. Find your “why” behind the content strategy

Ask yourself, “Why am I creating this content?” The main reason behind content composition for both B2B and B2C sites are:

Brand awareness,

  • Credibility/trust,
  • Education.

3. Consider your tone of voice and message

To create outstanding content, take into account what audience you have. Based on the generation you mostly interact with, work on your tone of voice and topics you pick.

Different generations have different interests and reasons to choose brands/sites to check.

Also, consider the influence pandemic has. Make your content more empathetic and helpful.

4. Value customers’ time

Get to the point straight away. Ensure your title exactly represents what’s inside the article.

People are overflooded with content nowadays. Your goal is to hook the reader from the very first sentence. Your article should be helpful, informative, and useful. Give readers exactly what they expect to get.

5. Pay attention to search engine optimization

  • 95% of the traffic stays on the first search engine result page.

To stay on top of SERP, provide high-class content only. To compose brilliant articles, use best practices of SEO content writing.

Keep these five elements in mind to outperform your competitors and take your site to a new level in 2022.

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