Best Artificial Intelligence Trends and Startup Ideas for 2021


artificial intelligence

2021 promises to be a big year in terms of Artificial lntelligence, as it takes center stage in anything from automated detection and prevention to decision making and forecasting.

Here’s a look at the Artificial Intelligence trends on the horizon for 2021 that will shape our lives, change the way businesses operate and advance civilization by leaps and bounds:

More advanced applications are coming such as the creation of drones that can detect COVID symptoms such as high temperatures of individuals in a crowd. These drones will utilize computer vision technology in order to analyze data that has been captured by cameras with the sole purpose of informing the authorities of statistics and probabilities concerning the spread of the virus.

The use of facial recognition technology, powered by computer vision algorithms, is drawing controversy and concern because it involves the identification of individuals instead of patterns among groups.

Al tools and platforms exist to help businesses understand how their customers are starting to adapt to a new reality, leading many organizations to embrace concepts such as behavioral analytics and personalization. These tools give companies self-service access to this technology, which we will see a lot more of in the next year, particular for small- and medium-sized businesses looking for a competitive edge.

Al-assisted epidemiology will begin building out systems that can accurately and effectively predict when and where future viral outbreaks will occur. There will be an increased need for processors that are fast enough and powerful enough to process the data necessary for these burgeoning technologies.

A study by Allied Market Research predicts the Al chip industry will reach more than $100 million in market value by 2025.

The World Economic Forum predicts the COVID-19 pandemic will cost between $8.1 and $15.8 trillion globally when all is said and done.

Business forecasting can help companies make smarter decisions based on Al-driven information, with the ability to import mass data pertaining to opportunities, sales data, success, win rate percentages, and customer behavior.

Research in the field of Al will receive massive investment heading into 2021, as more! and more companies seek a safer, more convenient and more stable future.




Personal income tax returns are a chore for everyone. The rules and regulations surrounding taxation complicated and ever changing, making it difficult for everyone to ensure they are often are being accurate and efficient.


An Al driven service that has access to all the rules and regulations surrounding your specific and unique business & personal financial circumstances could not only do returns for you saving d huge amount of time and effort, but could also make se of its superior knowledge of those rules in order to deliver savings and efficiencies that most people even human tax practitioners might not know about, understand or make use of.


An app that looks at what you do, which influencers you like, what type of fashion you’re into, what you spend on, how much you spend, when and where you like to spend it, could get to know a lot about what you like and don’t like.

That information via number of popular apps is already being monitored and used by brands and marketers in order to make more money out of you, the consumer.

A personal shopping assistant, driven by Al, could mix things up by not only finding and suggestion things an individual would love to buy, but also finding the best deals (in the background) to save them money on those purchases.

Set up affiliate relationships with brands and retailers and integrate their products, offers and deals into the Al that uses that pool of data to make personalized shopping recommendations based on what it knows about each individual user.



A household is a lot of work. More often than not people are busy, with both parents holding down jobs. Simply put, there is often not enough time manage a to household properly.


Integrate an Al driven app into a variety of household smart devices and let it control everything from maintaining the lawn which it can water via smart sprinklers or mow using a robot mower and the pool, to monitoring and managing security and access, looking at what groceries and cleaning supplies are running low, and so on.

The Al butler could live in an app on clients’ phones and doesn’t need it’s own physical presence only the data integrated with it from the various smart devices in the home.


Supply chain management is a huge industry. With rising fuel and transport costs one the one hand and greater demand for free delivery on the other hand, companies are having to come up with innovative new ways to lower costs and meet demands.


Online poker is big business and there are plenty of extremely good players raking in decent amounts of cash. Develop a poker playing Al to start winning online games and make money winning tournaments there are Al systems that have beaten top human players in poker already.



Farming and agriculture is a vital but extremely difficult industry. Farmers have a lot to contend with and agriculture in general is only going to get harder as climate changes have a larger and larger impact while the demand for food from human and livestock populations continues to grow exponentially.


Develop an Al that can make use of drones to monitor crops or livestock (there are already companies that offer drone based systems to help make monitoring large scale agriculture operations faster and cheaper – the Al could integrate with this existing technology) and make the best possible decisions for optimal management as well as reacting to emergencies.

The Al could not only control day to day operations such as irrigation and spraying, but ultimately make decisions on what products and services are required in order to react to infestations and outbreaks, disease, natural disasters and so on.



Marketing is a very complex and challenging industry with a lot of time and effort being spent gaining experience and knowledge that helps marketers generate the highest possible return on investment for their clients. This doesn’t always work out so well for companies as marketers try to push boundaries in order to find new strategies and techniques to gain the edge over their competitors. Fundamentally, there is a lot of trial and error involved and this process is extremely expensive.


An Al driven system would be able to accurately gauge its performance using its “experience” over time and at least offer potential clients a baseline performance guarantee. This alone would likely be a significant competitive advantage in the world of marketing.


An Al with sufficient access to information in any specific market could likely spot gaps in the market that take human entrepreneurs longer to discover or stumble into. This could be extremely valuable to companies in competitive niches who could use these market gaps to direct where they invest resources.


An Al Startup that uses Alto make architectural designs, is one that will be with profitable and scalable. Plus, it will greatly cut down the cost of architectural designs & time of producing these designs.


Curation systems or recommendation systems are a big bang in the Artificial Intelligence Industry. And many Startup ideas could be built around curation/recommendation systems alone.

What is the one thing that makes Netflix, Google and YouTube unique?


For me, it’s their Al Curation/Recommendation systems (that unique algorithms).

A Product Curation or Recommendation platform based on Artificial Intelligence, that is more like Netflix, YouTube and Google Discover but for products, is a promising idea for an Al Startup. On such Platforms, users would expect to see new, exciting and highly rated product listing based on their interest or perceived interest.


“College is Scam” overtime has become a popular meme, and I know that might mean nothing. But considering the fact that Big Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon no longer require a college University degree for entry recruitment, one could easily see the direction colleges/universities are going. And the direction is down

With Al system, an Al Startup Can be built with focus on Personalized learning. Creating a platform that enables people to learn according to their unique learning ability and characteristics. A startup around this idea, will no doubt be scalable and profitable even as the industry is currently under-saturated.


People have debates in years past if Al can carry out tasks classified as creative tasks such as make interior and exterior designs for home and offices.

Just like the idea I proposed earlier where an Al Startup can be built on making Architectural Designs at Affordable prices


The use of Artificial Intelligence in the health sector is increasing rapidly and many Al Startups have been established primarily for the health services. These startups are helping using Al systems to save lives while making millions of dollars for their trouble. An Al Startup in the health sector is cool and promising idea.

An Al Startup with a system that allows people to administer self-medications properly for minor issues.


Al Startup that has an Al system capable of creating good and original content can be coming for your jobs. And don’t even think it’s not possible. With Advanced deep learning, an Al Startup can build an Al content Creator that’s. capable of creating contents on almost every topic imaginable, at a very fast and cheap rate.

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