Have you ever thought of the importance of “Design”?

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“Design” is a broad word which includes deep subject matters. But most of the people think about Photoshop, beautiful images, aesthetic art when they hear about design. The word “Design” itself is a self-explanatory word. But to understand it much more clearly, we need a good definition. According to my point of view, a design is an idea which can be transferred to a solution. Basically, it is a method of solving a problem. This solution can be a model, pattern, plan or anything which can be seen is a very effective and attractive way.

And when it comes to a good design it is very hard to create a boundary. It is not about having very colorful glossy icons. A good design includes more than that. If a design fulfills some key factors such as innovative, aesthetic, meaningful understandable, effectiveness, etc. we can recommend it as a good design.

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Why design is important?

Why do you think a design is important? Fundamentally, from the simplest things we use in our day to day lives to massive buildings, systems everything is designed. Without a design, it will feel incomplete and much harder to understand people’s needs. And another importance using a design is to create something in an order. We can use the design basics to make something more attractive, easily understood, convenient which helps for a better outcome.

Furthermore, the design is the first thing the world see. If the first impression is up to the standard, the quality of your product will be reflected from it. And as mentioned earlier, it is a method to approach a problem. It will reflect the ability of your mind, the strategies you have used.

To make a winning design there are so many things to be done. It does not happen overnight. Hours of research, endless thinking and brain work are needed to make the initial step for the design. Then other aspects such as the requirements, strategies, the message you pass from the design, etc. need to be considered for the fulfillment of the design.

A design which has the purpose of satisfying the exact need, innovative and simplistic is very hard to achieve. But it is definitely the winning design and the entry point for the rest.