How can AI adoption Change the Perception of Education?


Artificial Intelligence (Al) is one of the buzzwords and many industries including education, manufacturing and healthcare are adopting it for better efficiency and lower error. The new developments in Al is leading us towards the new future.

Al has already been applied to education to develop skills, as Al educational solutions continue to mature, the hope is that Al adoption can change the perception of education.

How education/exam preparation is greatly benefited from Al?

From the moment a user signs up on an online learning platform, they present content which has been curated to his/her needs. This is made possible by intel­ligent machines which recognise the patterns of app usage and preferences of the user. A great example would be the posts shown in the feed.

If the user has previously shown great interest in reading articles, we’d show them more articles, if we think the user loves solving the quizzes, we push in more quizzes in his/her feed. Everything that is shown on the app has been customised for the user and all of this is only possible with the help of Al.

How Al adoption can change education?

No two students are the same. Some might grasp things at great speed while some may need more time to understand what is being taught. The way courses are taught in schools and colleges might suit some students, but for certain, there are a lot of stu­dents who’d think they want the content to be taught at a different speed or may be in a different way.

Advantage of Al in personalized learning

However, there’s only so much a teacher can do and it’s practically impossible to make everyone happy. This is where Al comes in! Al can recognize the speed at which a student likes to learn, the time of the day he/she might like to study, the type of con­tent the student enjoys and the list goes on.

How Al offers efficient competitive exams/ clear doubts/ test preparation platform for students?

Imagine this. You are sitting in a class. The teacher has gone into great detail in explaining a topic dreaded by students. You miss a detail. You spend the rest of the class connecting dots and not under­standing anything. This has happened to all of us, and many times! But with AI, this does not have to be the case.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the education platform

If at any point you have a doubt, just post it on an online platform, their AI mechanism will look at it and it may so happen that this doubt has been posted before by another student if so, you’ll be directly taken to that doubt. If not, they detect the topic of the doubt and AI mechanism figure out the experts in this topic and make them clear your doubts, all on their own. With such in­telligence, you’re never stuck at something and with all the personalised content it’s never been easier to get through exams.

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