How IoT Has Been Influencing Our Everyday Lives?


In this interconnected world, everything is easy and convenient. Thanks to technology and the concept of IoT (internet of things) that has, in turn, has given a new definition to “smart.”

According to a study, there will be about 75.44 billion IoT devices in the market. This number itself proves how IoT is a change that has been dominating the world and driving it towards betterment.

Have a look for yourself.

For beginners, it would be a good to give an idea what IoT is all about. In simplest of words, the internet of things is the ability of devices to interconnect and communicate with each other. These devices are aptly called, “smart devices.”

Be it your smartphone, your smart home, or your smart car; everything is an extended example of IoT. Surprisingly, there is no area of life where IoT has not spread its magic.

Here’s how IoT is influencing daily lives and making this world connected and cared for.

  1. Smart Homes Are Trending Like Never Before

Smart homes are highly advanced technology that is making everything convenient around us. The best part is the humanly touch to the home appliances that can be your friends when you most need them.

Here are some of the smart home trends you need to be aware of:

  • Smart Refrigerators: This is the new smart as it can go from managing your grocery list to playing your favorite tunes. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator has made it possible!
  • Smart Air Conditioners: You can control air conditioners remotely even when not at home. Whether you forgot to turn off the AC or want to turn it on before you reach home; smart ACs are all you need.
  • Smart Lighting: Yes, now you can control the entire lighting system from anywhere. You do not have to reach out your hand to that switch, now you can do that with your smartphone.
  1. Smart Health for the Elderly

This part of smartness is the best for the elderly. Even when there is nobody around to look after the sick elders, smart technology fills the void. You will be surprised to know how technology is paving its way towards better health & well-being.

Here are some great healthcare inventions introduced by IoT devices:

  • Health Sensors: Help automatically alert healthcare advisers in case the health of the patient worsens.
  • Smart Pillbox: Automatically opens up when it is time for the patient to take their medicine.
  • Smart Beds: Helps send alerts to family in case the patient leaves the bed and also offers the flexibility to adjust the bed remotely.

  1. Smart Cities for a Developing World

According to Statista, spending on smart city initiatives around the world stand at around $34.35 billion. This figure is enough to prove how IoT has been changing lives for each and every soul on this earth. The smart city concept is a reason for improving life quality as well as overall economies.

Here are some noteworthy smart city inventions that could take you by surprise:

  • Improved Environment: The new sensor networks help monitor and aid in communicating pollution levels, water capacities, and wildlife counts across the city.
  • Better Transportation: This is an era where smart street lights, smart vehicles, smart water technology, citywide Wi-Fi, on-demand waste pickups, and smart parking is possible.
  • Safer Buildings: The embedded sensors will help in monitoring vibrations in the building and report in case of any abnormalities. The energy usage would also be measured for maintaining energy efficiency.
  1. Clean Air & Clean Water

 In 2015 alone, around 9 million deaths were triggered by pollution. Clean air and water are the needs for continued survival. Where global warming and the negligent human race have been ruining the quality of water and air, IoT devices come to the rescue.

Here are some good smart clean air & water initiatives that you should know about:

  • Pollution Sensors: Can be attached to courier bicycles or fuel cell cars. These sensors measure and report the pollution levels around the vicinity.
  • Smoke Sensors: Fires around the forest areas can be automatically detected before its too late. The sensors installed in the area can detect and report smoke to the authorities.
  • Water Preservation: There are systems such as APANA that help measure water consumption and even identify abnormalities in water distribution work-flow.

 Say Yes to Abundant Food Supply

According to a study, it is estimated that around 75 million IoT devices will be ordered for the agricultural sector by 2020 at a 20% CAGR. This is one of the best of efforts towards improving the lives of farmers and increasing the food supply for better economic gains.

Here are some of the worthy smart agriculture inventions to track:

  • Soil Sensors: Will be dug deep into the soil so that they can measure soil health and temperature.
  • Drone Imagery: For an aerial view of the entire farm field. One can easily analyze the real-time conditions of the field remotely from one location.
  • Climatic Monitoring: With gadgets such as smart climate stations, agriculture is blooming more than ever. These devices collect weather data and send it over to the cloud.

IoT is Adding Value to Life! 

This is all about IoT and how it is changing lives for good. This transition from the stone age to the digital one is a magical tale brought to life by technology.

In the end, it can be said that a lot has already been discovered, and a lot needs to be discovered. Stay tuned for more smart technology updates that have connected the world and the ones living in it.

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