How to Learn Programming for Beginners


programmingWhy learn coding or programming?

There are several reasons why people chose to learn coding.

  1. Achieving a higher income
  2. Interested in software development and a keen interest in what happens  behind the scenes
  3. To change their career path

There can be many reasons, people want to be code. One thing is very certain, that anyone can code.

How to start coding?

There are certain steps you need to follow when starting to code:

1) Establish your goal

2) Research about what languages and tools that might be needed. This is a crucial step and time-consuming.

3) Learn the language, and the tools if required. It is not all daunting as it sounds, but you should definitely spend time on learning the fundamentals of a particular language. 

4) Finally, to check your knowledge, create a basic application and add the code to a Github. This will you help in practically sound in whatever language that you chose. 

Keep practicing regularly and build your applications, that’s the way to get strong in your programming skills.

Which language should you choose? 

The language you choose depends on kind of software development you are interested in. The most sought after fields in software development are.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Machine Learning / Data Science

Web Development

Web Development is the work involved in developing a website for the internet.

The core languages you should learn for web development are

  • HTML – Contains content of web page
  • CSS – Used for styling web pages and web applications
  • JavaScript – Used for making web applications live and interactive

Mobile Development

Mobile application development involves developing applications for mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

The languages you should learn depends on the platform where you wish to develop the application.

  • Swift – For iOS application development.
  • Java – For Android application development.

If you wish to develop applications on both these platforms, then there are frameworks like React Native / Flutter. These frameworks can be used to develop hybrid applications.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is basically teaching a computer using some data and then the computer predicts some values for new data using algorithms.

The first thing to learn for Machine Learning is

  • Python – When it comes to Python. It is a very popular programming language and most of the machine learning applications use Python.
  • Mathematical Concepts – You also need to be aware of mathematical concepts like Calculus, Probability, Statistics and also Linear Algebra.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms – These algorithms are must for machine learning. Some of the very popular algorithms are Linear and Logistic Regression, Decision tree and Ensemble Methods

Career Path

There can be various career paths according to the development field that you choose. Machine Learning Engineer, Web Application Developer, Software Engineer and Mobile Application Developer. These are the few job roles that you can look for when you learn to program.

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