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The Other Side of Being in a Relationship

1. Pretty people feel they can treat you poorly and get away with it. Unfortunately, in most cases, you can’t do anything about it.

2. Relationships are messy, and people’s feelings get hurt. And just because a boy and girl had a good beginning mean doesn’t mean they’ll have a happy ending too. Life’s not a fairytale.

3. You think breaking the plates will make you feel better. It won’t. Telling your story to everyone will. And sometimes, nothing can fix you.

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4. You can’t just be friends with your ex. The feelings keep coming back. Your expectations won’t die, and that will keep hurting you. You will end up hating yourself or them.

5. You can feel lonely even if you’re with someone. And you might wake up in the morning and feel differently about someone. That’s a terrible but valid feeling.

6. Sometimes you believe in taking things slow, because you feel that at some point, they’ll fall in love with you, too. The truth is that they won’t. They never saw you that way. Period.

7. You need not put labels but ask them the truth – if this will lead somewhere? Believe me. Labels are only as useful as you make them to be.

8. Like it or not – only one of the two will get a say in the relationship. One person will always go the extra mile. That person will be the one who gets hurt, in the end.

9. You’ll be okay, eventually. Just say goodbye. And hope they are truly happy. Because eventually, Autumn will arrive.

Author: Omair Tarique, Co-founder, The Scribbled Stories.

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