Ideas to Enhance Your Business via Blogs and Guest Posting


Every business has its own needs, there are certain ways to reach your business to high through blogs and guest posting. Here is the details.

1. Creating Captivating Content

Content creators are in the business of generating ideas and turning those ideas into something digestible.

2. SEO Content Writing

Your website content also needs to take search engine optimisation into account. Writing engaging content is only half of the process. The other half is making sure you’re using the words, terms, and phrases your customers are using so they can find you easily.

3. Creating Blog Content

In a world of user-generated content, be an industry leader. Blog posts used to be a place to copy and paste your business press PRs and talk about new team hires.

  • Tuesday: An innovation within the industry
  • Thursday: A promotional piece about products or services/PR piece adapted for blog
  • Once a month: CEO or Director’s opinion piece

4. Guest Blogs

Guest posting is slightly different. Rather than only posting articles and long-reads by your team, shaking it up with an outside voice can add a bit of flavour!

Here are some ways guest posting on your company blog can help your content stand out.

Idea Generation

Working with a guest blogger means adding another brain to your creative mix. Sharing topics can lead to even more compelling ideas for content, and sometimes one idea can fragment into two, three or even a series of related blog posts.

New Readers

An experienced guest blogger will have an army of readers who trust their opinions and have a genuine interest in what they want to say. When they bring their insights to your website, their content writing will bring their readers to you. That means more clicks, more leads to warm up, and more effortless inbound marketing.


By hosting posts by content creators other than your marketing team, you’re showing that your business listens to influential outside voices. It’s much easier to gain trust from your readers if you share information from a range of sources.

Link Building

When you ask another professional content creator to start writing content for your website, you’re gaining another location to place your link out there. Share their link on your website and share yours on theirs — or even better, return their favour with a guest blog of your own — and you’ll get brownie points from Google.


Link building gained itself a bad reputation thanks to companies loading up their websites with links to irrelevant sites in exchange for payment. These days, search engines prefer it if your website links to a number of relevant, quality websites.

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