Little Ideas to Get More Ideas For Your Content


More IdeasAs a creator, a writer you might have experienced a block, you might have exhausted without any ideas for your next content. Here are some little ideas to keep you going with flourishing content. Little Ideas to Get More Ideas For Content.

👉 Journal. Write down whatever you experience. It might be the highlights, the conversations, the quotes, or anything that you felt little worth.

👉 Practice impromptu speaking. The experience will stretch your mind and make you come up with new ideas.

👉 Meditate. My meditation sessions rarely fail to provide me with new ideas.

👉 Record conversations, perhaps if you don’t know what to write, capture what you say to others.

👉 Expose yourself to new stuff. Movies. Books. Food. Music. People. Unless you get more involved in life, you won’t come up with more ideas.

👉 Read more quotes. Earlier in my writing career, I practiced writing based on a favorite quotation. It can work wonders.

👉 Rephrase sentences. Take a sentence and rephrase it in a different way. It will force you to think creatively.

👉 Make a list of 10 ridiculous ideas as soon as you brush your teeth (don’t judge).

👉 Ask questions. A lot. It often happens that I jot down bizarre questions in my journal. It broadens my horizons.

👉 Prepare a list of six impossible things before you eat your breakfast and then write down how you can accomplish them.

👉 Revisit your old writing, you’ll find a lot of new ideas.

👉 Allow yourself to do nothing for one day every month. You should just rest and relax. You will see the difference when it’s over.

👉 Sleep more. Rest more. Relax more. When you are stuck and have no idea what to do.

👉Exercise. It is scientifically proven that physical exercise accelerates the brain’s ‘neurogenesis,’ which leads to a better mind.

👉 Read more books. It’s hard for many people. If you did it, you wouldn’t get worried about running out of ideas.

👉 Change your pattern. If you don’t have any ideas while you sit in your office, go outside and admire the beauty. Your mind will suddenly spark with new thoughts.

👉 Practice creative visualization. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Focus on every detail as you imagine yourself doing what you want to do.

Hope these ideas will help you. Be Creative.

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