Simple Tips to Identify kleptomania (Pathological Stealers) Around You


kleptomaniaKleptomania is a serious pathological mental disorder. One becomes a habitual stealer of anything and everything they get hold of. They won’t pick anything that is in open but would always get an adrenaline rush in lifting.

And they get their drive from simple things, like spoons, biscuits, coins, anything.


1. Kleptomania is a mania. It never stops. It increases. In modern days, people steal ideas, projects, designs, connections, businesses, and people’s souls.

2. If you don’t pay attention, they may drive you crazy. You will become aggressive and impulsive.

3. They will lift your credit, ideas, IP, thoughts, feelings, dreams, then image, and identity.
And this will always end with you losing yourself.


1. Boss:-If you have a cabinet where your boss visits, just keep a simple paper and jolt some silly ideas and designs. Wait for him to use them in the meeting etc.

2. Partner:- Keep your wallet with notes. Some really big notes like 10 500/- notes, and 100, 10/- notes, and some 1/- coins. Your clue is
the disappearance of 1/- or 10/-.

3. Children:- This gets developed in early childhood. Parents must always carefully check the traits from the age of 5 to age 10. Bring many keychain toys to be gifted to other children(say 20–25 in numbers). Keep them unattended. If one is missing, your child has the trait.

4. Startup Cofounder:- When a call comes, encourage the cofounder to record the call. Anyone with a tendency of recording calls is highly kleptomaniac.


1. They don’t have a frontal brain(consciousness) and cerebellum(memory) activated.
2. So, they neither remember their stealing, nor have any grief, or shame.
3. Because they are midbrain-dominated without any consciousness, they are the epitome of negative energy. The physically weak become passive-aggressive.
4. They can allege you of any legal cases just like that. They May put you in danger.
5. They develop high degree of voyeurism(peaking through phones, bathrooms)

Your life will never be safe around them.


1. For children:- Immediate rehabilitation.
2. For partner:- Run, as far as you can.
3. If your subordinate/mentee is Kleptomaniac, just make arrangements for the exit. No emotions. NO EMOTIONS.
4. Kleptomaniac boss, resign next day.
5. Withdraw all your emotions before you do any of these. You deal with Amygdala, Machiavellianism with machiavellianism,


1. Do not tell, try to confront, and engage with them. Remember they have no long memory and consciousness.

2. Make no assumptions about healing them. They have high Machiavellianism. They will say sorry if you confront them with the truth. Then they will wait for the moment to take revenge.

3. Remember Kleptomania is addictive. Midbrain is dense with dopamine receptors. They will steal your identity and peace, thoughts, and feelings.

Author: Rupam Das

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