Tiny Little Things That Changes Everyone’s Life


little thingsThere are little things in life, we often ignore while trying to running behind career and money. Here is the list of few little things for everyone’s life.

8 little things we all need to learn

👉 Everything that happens to you, it’s your responsibility. It doesn’t matter who you want to blame.

👉 Taking things personally only let other people walk over your mind with dirty feet. Your mind is yours. Don’t take anything to heart until you’re absolutely sure it’s for your highest good (99% aren’t).

👉 Always remember. The good news is everything’s temporary. The bad news is everything’s temporary.

👉 Just because someone doesn’t see your worth, you don’t become worthless. Truth is you’re NOT everyone’s cup of tea.

👉 Compare down rather compare up. If you have a habit of comparing your shit to others, make sure you do it with someone to whom your life is a pipe-dream. You’ll feel grateful and would be able to do your part.

👉 Make sure whatever you do is the product of your own conclusion.

👉 Don’t treat the other person the way they treat you. You’ve your own benchmark. Treat everyone with dignity irrespective of how you feel.

👉 Don’t be authentic. Authenticity could be a trap behind which you may hide your best work. Just do the job because you promised even when part of the work you hate.

10 little things you’re neglecting, but shouldn’t 

👉 Taking naps. It’s not a waste of time. It gives you room to rest your psyche in the middle of the day.

👉 Drinking water every hour. To feel energetic, you need to be hydrated.

👉 Writing. Even if you’re not a writer or don’t call yourself so. Write to clear your head.

👉 Feeling a sense of gratitude for whatever you have. Maybe you have less than what your peers have got. Still, if you’ve food, water, shelter, loved ones, you’re living in the top 30% of the population.

👉 Being a horrible human but a great business person. Two never go in alignment.

👉 Walking 1000 steps a day in your drawing room (even if it’s super tiny)

👉 Reading an educational article vs. watching multiple news channels

👉 Creating art. Even if you are terrible.

👉 Working harder on yourself vs. working harder on your job.

👉 Spending time alone. Solitude is so very important for your sanity.

Author: Sayantan Sen – Becoming a writer of substance 🙂

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