Ways to Level Up Your Relationship with Your Wife


Happy wife, happy life. A saying as old as time itself that holds truer than anything else I’ve heard over the years. Your significant other’s happiness often correlates directly with your own happiness, even more so when you live in the same household. Ipso facto, gentlemen keep her happy and you will lead a happier life yourself.

Just a few of my suggestions, consider them in the future guys!

#1 Do the Little Things

The little things end up making the biggest difference in a lot of cases. Gestures as small as unloading the dishwasher or grabbing more almond milk for her morning smoothie on the way home. As routine as these things may seem, I know from experience that they can bring about more positivity than one may think.

#2 Involve Her and Get Involved

Where your differences would normally act as a weakness, reframe this and enjoy new things together. Have a hobby your girlfriend can’t stand like playing video games? Download one she will like and play together. Does she play a sport you don’t? Join a league together and show you are invested in expanding your relationship while learning new things.

#3 Pay Attention

This may seem obvious, but when I say pay attention I’m not necessarily referring to what she is saying. Verbal communication is always important, but in this case I am referring more to body language and visual cues. Be aware of her movements, facial expressions, breathing patterns — all of the non-verbal nuances that give away a lot. Use these to act accordingly, be comforting when appropriate, or give space when needed.

#4 Grow from your Patterns

It normally isn’t one big event that breaks people up. It is the build up of unaddressed tension that leads to one big messy falling out. How to avoid this? What are the common patterns in yourself that constantly hurt you, kill opportunities, and burn bridges? By doing deep transformational work around this, you can allow healing for yourself and your partner, while also bridging communication gaps and becoming a better you.

#5 Learn Her Love Language

The 5 Love Languages is an incredible tool for couples, initially published in a book by Gary Chapman. This will help improve your sex life, communication, and general understanding of each other. Sometimes we don’t realize it but the thing our partner does that pisses us off the most is her way of showing affection. Or maybe you do so much to show her you care, and it never feels quite good enough. You can show her how you feel most loved, learn her love language, and prompt a conversation around it.

#6 Surprise Her

We all love a good surprise. No, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and birthdays don’t count as a surprise. A true surprise should be totally unexpected and unwarranted, just because! Express your love and appreciation by surprising her — flowers, cooking a romantic dinner, planning a weekend away, there are so many options, regardless of your budget!

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