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Empathy in Leadership is a Necessity

Leadership is about people -full stop! If you don't have a passion for people, you have no business leading them. In a perfect world, employees leave their problems at the door. In this not-so-perfect world, they bring them to work. We need leaders who will practice empathy. According to studies, empathy is the single biggest leadership skill needed today.


The Internet is now 20 years old and over 2 billion people are connected to it using computers, smartphones and tablets.

The Power of Overthinking

As human beings, we possess the prodigious power of intelligence. But we surely live in a society that has developed it’s own perceptions. A society where we are born and brought up with certain notions that even if our heart tries to defy, our brain has to accept, since this is what the mass follows and the mass cannot be wrong.


In case you didn’t know, let me tell you “one day you’ll die”. And I want to show you why the job that you...

Story about a king with four wives has a really deep meaning about life

Take time to be alone. Take time to pray. Take time to meditate. Because it is the source of all your life and your most faithful friend.

Will DDOS Attack Break the Servers…?

Distributed Denial of Service in a Nutshell. Understanding DDoS Attack Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are designed to interrupt a website’s availability. The objective of a...

Important Career Lessons Most People Learn Too Late In Life

Keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone. That’s what a lot of us were taught to believe about work. But is it really the best strategy? I find that people often take this sort of advice to heart — and then learn too late in their careers that there’s more to life (and success) than just keeping busy.

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