7 Best Music Streaming Apps And Music Streaming Services



Music of many kinds can be heard all around us. Wherever we go, whatever we do, everything has a different type of beat or note to it. Some many find it pleasant, while others may enjoy it as music therapy.

In the 21st century, people have lives paced so fast that there is not even a minute to stay still and breathe and retrospect about the happenings around. As Pablo Neruda rightly mentioned the importance of stopping for a second in his poem, Keeping Quiet, many therapists have started to recommend their patients something known as Music Therapy.

With massive technological advancements and the ability to carry a million songs on just our wrist, music has been a perpetual part of our lives.

This brings into the frame the many applications designed mostly to listen to music, where everyone can connect to their taste of music and enjoy it till the end of the time.

Most of the applications and services related to music today are free of cost; however, it may include a paid subscription for a better experience. It can be seen that all the big companies and business minds today recognize the importance of music in people’s lives and hence are adamant about launching their platforms solely dedicated to hundreds of music genres.

The seven best music streaming applications available for all are listed below:


With currently around 30 million songs on the app, Spotify as a music streaming service is the town’s news, backing its position as number one in many lists. Spotify comes in handy with its user-friendly preface, which allows its users to find the music of their choice quickly.


Regarded as one of the giant applications of music at one time, Pandora continues to woo its users who have been loyal to its interface, however, lost its position in recent times for others. Pandora has been a great example of an app that evolved quite nicely in a highly competitive atmosphere. An example being Thumbprint Radio, which is a personalized radio based on the consumer’s preferences.

SoundCloud Go

SoundCloud Go has been famous for creating personalized remixes and music accounts for them being a big thing. People often enjoy listening to new music and discovering new genres; this gives SoundCloud Go a strong market position.

Youtube Music

An excellent example of big companies introducing them into the music industry is Youtube Music. Youtube being already a video interface, now has launched this app to listen to only audio music while using other apps. This feature was not available earlier.

Google Play Music

Google play music gives nothing new except storing around 10,000 music tracks on the cloud. Despite this it has quietly become a significant application in the market due to Google’s trusted audience. Google play music is easily accessible and widely marketed, provides an interface that is used majorly by people who want to try something new.


Tidal introduces itself as a music streaming app by musicians. It has a significant interface with over 48.5 million songs in its pocket. Tidal attracts users who want to listen and explore good music rather than casual listeners.

Tune-in Radio

Tune in Radio compensates for not being a big chartbuster in music by providing thousands of shows, podcasts, and other things to listen to. It casts over users to listen to something more than traditional music and is a massive fan of podcasts.


Probably worth more than talked about last in this article, Deezer comes in with its user base and satisfies all music requirements by providing more content than Spotify in general, in addition to its live radio. Users may use Deezer because of just this advancement and its other feature called Song Catcher, which can quickly recognize songs playing in the background, hence providing a better facility.

Irrespective of the music choice one possesses, all the music mentioned above channels, including many others, are a one-stop platform for all the people who want to listen to any kind of music.

All this is only made possible due to the fast technological advancements in our lives. Music therapy, casual mood, and music services are now not confined to one place and cater to many more things, including shows, podcasts, and motivational content.

A large audience base is the motive of all these apps. They must cater to the excessive competition around them, which is ever-increasing. These applications must sharpen their competitive edges always if they want to survive in the market.

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