Best 7 Effective Tips To Be a Good Leader


leaderIneffective management in a company can sometimes demotivate employees. It is therefore essential that the leader demonstrates a certain leadership in order to manage his team well in the office.

Communicate, listen, and know how to interpret in order to make the best decisions. Leadership requires work and is a skill particularly appreciated in companies. How to develop your sense of leadership? In this article, we have talked about the seven tips that will help you to increase your impact every day and become an inspiring leader.

Who is a Leader?

  • The leader is a figure able to create a positive atmosphere around him characterized by trust and enthusiasm;
  • The leader is able to do a business team building, or to build an active and efficient work team;
  • The leader does not exercise his power over others, but receives it from his collaborators who first recognize him as such;
  • The leader is the one who, by creating a close-knit team, is able to collaborate in an inclusive environment to achieve common goals.

How to Be a Good Leader?

Being a good leader means transmitting to your team the passion and vision you have. It means being responsible but also offering responsibility, delegating but in the right quantity. In short, leadership is not simple.

Being a good leader isn’t easy; it’s much easier to be a boss who gains authority through the money he has available. Becoming a winning leader, however, is not an impossible task. There is no precise formula to be a winning leader, but there are many useful tips that can help anyone who wants to be recognized as an excellent leader and therefore enhance the performance of their business.

7 Essential Tips to Become a Good Leader

Be Confident, Passionate And Positive

The first tip for being a good leader is to transmit trust. Trust is addictive and, if you show credibility, your team will suffer too, for the better of course.

A close-knit, positive and confident team is certainly stronger than any other unmotivated team. For this reason, as a leader, you must be passionate and share this status of yours with everyone around you.

Even the positive is a key factor to be a great leader. While it’s also important to get your team involved in failures, be positive and point out the light at the end of the tunnel.

Set the Right Goals

Having a clear goal increases focus and productivity. To be a good leader, it is essential to set the right goals, both for you and for your team. Only in this way will you have in mind how to move and what are the next steps to take.

You will also feed into work planning, making processes more streamlined and coordinated among the various members of your team.

Know How to Delegate

Another tip to improve leadership is certainly know how to delegate, for two reasons:

  • You will get more time to carry on your activities, work on the future of your project and strategy;
  • You will make your team members feel important.

And delegation of authority is always related to responsibility. Let’s see the role of responsibility to be good leader in the next point.

Be Responsible and Give Responsibility

Being a good leader definitely means being responsible, knowing how to move and planning the next steps without forgetting the goal. Not only that, making unpopular but necessary decisions and exercising a judgment based on facts and not on appearance.

All true, but leadership must also be given to your team of activities that, in turn, require responsibility. This is why, as we said before, it is important to transmit trust and be confident. Show your employees that you trust them, thus fueling their creativity and growth.

Know Your Team, Motivate The Team And Remember The Vision

Another secret to being a great leader is to get to know your team members. Spend time understanding their passions, their goals, and helping them achieve them. If you can understand them in their doubts and problems, in their strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to deliver the right tasks.

Not only that, but also try to create a workplace that is suitable for their needs, providing what they need, and you will see that their productivity will increase.

Vision is your ultimate goal, the one that gives meaning to your business and defines its growth. What a good leader must do is convey and share the vision to his team as well. Make members feel part of something bigger and make them feel important by giving them credit for their actions. The advice to improve leadership is, therefore, to motivate the team to achieve the goal, be sincere and help them in times of need.

Recognize the power of Effective Communication and Establish Moments of Meeting Between Colleagues

Communication is the core of leadership. As a leader, you will need to involve people at all levels, even the lowest, and make sure that they understand exactly what you need while at the same time feeling free to speak to you openly. A good communicator is one who has the ability to get a message across while avoiding any ambiguity. A good leader must be.

A close-knit team is made up of members who share more than their daily routine. For this reason, being a good leader also means making sure your team gets together to have fun and get to know each other better. This is especially crucial when managing a team remotely, where for obvious reasons, communication has to go through a screen. It is, therefore, advisable to organize moments of physical encounter to foster cohesion.

Recognize and Reward Merit

To improve leadership skills, you need to recognize and reward a member of your team when they deserve it. When he reaches a goal, it is right that his commitment is valued. This will have the function of increasing the productivity of the entire team and individual members. Seeing recognition of the efforts will have an extra motivation to continue in that direction.


Let’s now move on to the things to avoid if you want to improve your leadership, because it’s true, you are and will always be the boss, but how you position yourself your collaborators will be more or less productive. In short, the responsibility is yours too.

Always Justify Mistakes

To err is human, to persevere is diabolical. So the Romans used to say and so should even a leader of a business today. We all make mistakes, and as everyone knows, we learn by making mistakes; however, it is right and necessary to point out mistakes to give us the opportunity to correct ourselves.

Set Personal Goals Rather Than Team Goals

As a good leader, it is must to have a clear and defined vision, and it is right that the rest of the team know and move with the purpose of your business in mind. However, when you have to assign each member tasks dedicated to his role, you must also provide him with personal objectives, which take into account the macro one, but which are always linked to his activities. This will give him the opportunity to have clear in mind how to move and how to do his job.

Hand Over Tasks That Are Too Simple or Complex

To improve leadership in your business, you also need to balance the assignment of tasks to team members. This means not assigning too difficult or too easy tasks. Tasks that are too difficult with respect to the skills of the individual would lead him not to finish the job correctly and to think that he is not sufficiently suited to his role, becoming demotivated. In contrast, too easy tasks would make him think that you don’t trust what he does.

The advice is, therefore, to know each individual on your team, their skills and abilities, so as to establish the limits within which to push yourself.

Micromanagement and Not Trusting

Last but certainly not least there is micromanagement, to be avoided absolutely if you want to be an admirable leader. Checking every minute that your team members are doing their job is bad for you and for them. You will waste time that you could dedicate to your project, and they will feel constantly controlled and therefore less productive. Therefore, it is very important to trust your employees. If you build a relationship of mutual trust, both of you will have nothing to hide, and you will both be more productive. All in all, if you just can’t trust someone, it could mean that that person is not the right one for the job.

This was the last piece of advice in this guide on how to improve leadership in a business.

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