7 not-so-obvious tips for inner-peace


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Tips for Inner-Peace

1. Hustling is overrated. Stop hustling and practice single-tasking. You’ll get there (wherever you want to go) faster!

2. Whenever you begin to judge someone by his/her one/two known traits, remind yourself that you don’t know most of the person you’re judging. If you just observe him/her, you’ll definitely find one/two aspects you may like (it’s better for your sanity)

3. Be loving. Don’t try to be lovable. That’s how you will save a lot of heart-ache.

4. Give first. And never expect to get a return. Give as if you are just a care-taker of the taker’s possession.

5. Choose the path that expands your heart. Whenever you’re confused about two options, take each option on your palm and see whether it’s expanding you or contracting you!

6. Always set contributive goals. Better yet, include your own achievements into these. For example, I will educate 10 under-privileged children, if I earn xxx amount this year!

7. Meditate. Obviously obvious, but not-so-obvious. Meditate wherever you are. Secret tip: become a statue for a while and let everything pass you by.

Don’t miss, don’t miss.

Don’t miss the play, the music, the lyrics of the song, the way wind blows, the breeze touches your eye-lids, the way the sun sets, the moon pops up in the breast of the sky, the way water sounds in the flowing river, the way squirrel jumps off from one branch to another to another.

Don’t miss.

Don’t miss the way books are telling you stories of your own life; don’t miss the way she nods her head when you speak to her, don’t miss the sound of the train, the flight of the plane, the rainbows, the smile on the shopkeeper’s face once he delivers tea; don’t miss the song which can moistures your eyes with tears.

Don’t miss. Don’t miss.

Don’t miss the memories, the love, the time you spent together, the clothes, the smell, the rain, the food, your sudden impulse of holding her hand while crossing the road, the cars, the speed, the poise of the weather, the sip of tea in the early morning, the beauty, the path, the journey.

Don’t miss. Don’t miss.

Because everything is gonna go away. Everything that you hold dear to your heart, everything that you hate, everything that rejoices you, everything that chokes you in pain. Yes, everything you will miss if you miss this. This moment. Time and time again.

Don’t miss.

This moment. This life. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Author: Sayantan Sen – Becoming a writer of substance 🙂

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