9 Tips For Finding The Right Shoes!


When you are purchasing shoes, it is of paramount importance that you find a pair that fits you perfectly. Their comfort level and not the style-quotient should help you decide whether you should buy them. A good pair that provides sufficient support to your feet is instrumental to your health. Read on to learn how you can assess if the shoe is a good fit for you.

    1. It’s always preferable to buy shoes from a store and not online. This way, you get to try the shoes on to see how they fit. Even if you know your shoe size, there are other factors too you have to keep in mind that influence how comfortable a pair is.

    2. You should only ever buy shoes in the afternoon or evening. Throughout the day, feet keep stretching or swelling infinitesimally. By evening, your feet will have expanded to their maximum length. If you buy shoes in the morning, you might end up with a pair that is a little too small for you.

    3. Once you slip your feet into the shoes, wiggle your toes around. If there isn’t sufficient room for the toes, opt for a larger size. Also, make sure that there is at least an inch of room between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe.

    4. Wear the shoe and walk around. If you feel the shoes pinching, or exerting pressure on your feet, or if your feet feel compressed, then they are not meant for you.

   5. Wear socks when you try out shoes. That way your feet will be taking up a little more room and you are bound to buy shoes that are spacious. Moreover, if you are looking to buy running shoes or office wear/formal shoes, then make sure to wear the socks that you usually wear.

   6. Shoes often have tags inside them. Or the material of the shoes might rub against your skin and make it sore. So make sure that there are no itchy tags and the cloth is soft and skin-friendly.

   7. Don’t let the brand name of shoes lure you. Sometimes, lesser-known and less expensive shoes might have just the right shoes for you.

   8. Your shoes must have sturdy soles. Soles absorb shock and protect your feet. Moreover, the soles should be skid proof.

   9. The shoe should be weather friendly. If you are buying shoes for the summer, the shoes should allow air circulation to let your feet breathe. The material should be summer friendly. Similarly, the shoes that you buy for the winter should keep your feet snug and warm.

Shoes are more about health than making a fashion statement. If you do not wear the right pair, it could lead to a number of complications including spinal or nervous ailments. That is why you need to exercise the utmost judiciousness when you purchase shoes.

Source: PharmEasy